Short summer haircuts 2017: the coolest hairstyles of spring summer

Short cuts will play the lion's share also for spring summer 2017 hair fashion. After all, we know by now: short haircuts always conquer everyone. But what will be the coolest xxs hairstyles of spring summer? Let's go in order. In the first place there are undoubtedly very short hair, in boyish style, and very slim bobs, such as the deconstructed bob, the true trend of the season. So indulge yourself with pixie cut and short bob, and if you really want to overdo it, go to the bowl cut, the bowl cut, celebrated as a real top trend from the hair trends of summer 2017. If, on the other hand, you are fond of the classic carrè, nothing fear: you will be spoiled for choice! Classic, symmetrical with bangs, super scaled or wavy, the favorite of celebrities. Here are all the coolest short cuts from which to take inspiration to show off a trendy hairstyle in summer 2017.

Very short hair: pixie cut and bowl cut, the top trends of summer 2017

Among the very short haircuts of spring summer 2017, the pixie cut and the bowl cut undoubtedly stand out, considered the real trend of the season in terms of xxs hairstyles. That's right, the bowl cut finds great dusting off in the hair fashion of summer 2017, but with some small highly glamorous variations. The rounded and lateral tuft always remains the soul of this short cut of Sixties derivation, but is completed with scaling, asymmetries and glam variants that redefine it in a more urban chic key. But be careful, it is not a cut for everyone! If you have curly or very wavy hair, it is better to avoid it: it would be unmanageable and would lose its natural styling.

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© Pinterest Bowl cut: the bowl cut is the most original short cut ever!

Pixie cut, the xxs cut most loved by hair fashion 2017

For a slightly more rock look, and for those who prefer to stay away from too clear geometries, another very short haircut comes to the rescue, the pixie cut, much loved by stars, such as the singer Elodie, who flaunts it in one of the most fashionable colors of spring summer 2017, pink. You can give it the style you prefer: bon ton, with more regular lines and bangs, or decidedly more punk with side fringes, back tufts and important asymmetries. An even more glam rock variant is the tousled pixie, a sort of undercut with an important tuft dropped sideways.

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© Getty Images The hottest pixie cuts!

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Helmets and bobs, the timeless short cuts of spring summer

It goes without saying that yokes are always among the most loved short haircuts. This is because they are practical and adaptable to any type of need. Not to mention that they look good on any type of face, precisely because they can be "personalized". Longer, fuller, slimmer, asymmetrical, longer in front, in short, each cut according to your needs, hair type and face shape. For example, the ideal bob for a round face is slipped and with tufts that descend on the cheeks so as to break the roundness and promote greater harmony. Also avoid the full bangs with a round face; choose it instead if you have an elongated or triangular face, so as to cover the broad and spacious forehead and break the verticality.

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© Pinterest / Bob: All kinds of coolest bobs for your short haircuts

Wavy hair: here's how to do it at home!

And if you want to make a DIY blur, to liven up a too little voluminous bob, here are some quick tips to have wavy hair in a few simple steps!

The deconstructed bob is the cult short cut of summer 2017

We anticipated it before: the deconstructed bob is the true cult of spring summer 2017. Extremely scaled and asymmetrical, this deconstructed bob plays on important strands concentrated above all on the sides of the face and important tufts in order to lighten heavy hair and give greater dynamism to bobs that they would be too flat, especially if you have fine hair. Below you can see a series of examples of scaled helmets from which to take inspiration to create a perfect trendy deconstructed bob!

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© Pinterest Scaled bob: the coolest short cut in all its versions!

And the bangs? Perfect with helmets!

Even the fringe is another "protagonist of the summer 2017 hair fashion, so why not show it off with bobs and bobs at par? You can move quite freely in the choice of the type of fringe, but remember to avoid it short and symmetrical if you have a face round or irregular features; in these cases it is better to have a side or long and frayed fringe.

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© Getty Images Bob with fringe: the variants of the timeless yoke!

2017 is the year of the wob! The wavy bob conquers everyone

2017 particularly rewards wavy and wavy styling, especially when combined with a short or medium cut. In other words, if you want to be fashionable, choose the wob, a wavy bob that promises to be one of the coolest medium-short cuts of summer 2017. In the gallery below, you can see many examples to choose the version you prefer.

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© Getty Images Chic, practical and fashion: all the ways to wear the wob!

Flat waves, the flat waves trend perfect for bobs and medium-short cuts of summer 2017

As we said, the wavy bob, together with the deconstructed bob, is the other great short cut top of spring summer. This is also thanks to the flat waves trend - flat waves with a natural effect - which is literally depopulating, becoming the undisputed trend of summer 2017. Natural and chic, flat waves act only on styling without affecting the volume of the hair and are therefore perfect for any occasion. They are ideal on not too short bobs or medium-long cuts, as the celebrities also teach us, now in love with this top trend of spring summer 2017.

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