Vegetable Charcoal Mask: Top 5 Options for Sale on Amazon

More and more often we talk about the miracles and cosmetic properties of charcoal on our skin. You can focus on this element to help you fight blackheads, cleanse the skin of pollution and relieve inflammation in the skin caused by allergies or stress. It's great if you want to introduce a specific detox day for your skin into your beauty routine!

  1. · The properties of charcoal
  2. Why use a charcoal mask?
  3. · Detox face mask with pure clay and L "Oréal Paris charcoal
  4. · Sagano activated carbon powder
  5. · Bamboo-based face mask and Water Ice Levin activated carbon
  6. · Aoral Bamboo Charcoal Purifying Mask
  7. · BACC bamboo charcoal-based blackhead treatment mask

The properties of charcoal

Vegetable charcoal has been known since ancient times for its antibacterial and purifying properties. This ingredient is able to attract and absorb the impurities present on the surface with which it is in contact like a sponge.

Vegetable carbon can therefore be of great help in cleaning impurities such as air pollution and excess sebum. In addition, a moisturizing clay mask with activated charcoal also helps fight pimples, dryness and inflammation.

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Why use a charcoal mask?

Vegetable charcoal can be used for the purification of the organism (for example, dietary supplements administered in pill form are quite known), for purification and detox of the hair and now, with the new beauty trends, it is used as a purifying mask. for the treatment of blackheads, inflammation and excess sebum in the skin.

A disciplined beauty routine based on lots of water, a daily cleansing and hydration of the skin and one day a week dedicated to detox with the help of an activated carbon mask, will make your skin smooth and with an even complexion.

Detox face mask with pure clay and L "Oréal Paris charcoal


The mask with vegetable charcoal and pure clay L "Oréal Paris is an absolute success in Amazon reviews! All users agree that they feel their skin smoother and more luminous immediately after the first application. The package proposed by us contains 50ml of product and is sufficient for 10 complete applications, but can last longer if used together with the other products of the line, which are specific for the various areas of the face. If you are interested in the complete treatment, you can buy the set of 3 on Amazon at 16 , € 25.

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Sagano activated carbon powder


We offer you this package of vegetable charcoal powder, useful for those who already know the properties of this element and want to use it frequently in their beauty routine. Powdered charcoal is versatile, it can be used for example to create do-it-yourself detox face masks, or for a relaxing body scrub. Some also use it as an adjunct to toothpaste. Made with 100% organic coconut charcoal, this product guarantees a total cleansing of the skin of your face, leaving it soft, radiant and deeply purified.

Buy on Amazon for € 16.95

Face mask based on bamboo and Water Ice Levin activated carbon

Vegetable charcoal is usually made with the carbonization of vegetables such as coconut, bamboo and walnuts. In the case of the Water Ice Levin mask, the activated vegetable carbon comes from bamboo and has purifying properties for the control of oiliness and the treatment of acne and blackheads. For immediate results, simply clean the skin of the face with warm water and mild soap and then spread a nut of the mask on the skin of the face, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Repeat this ritual once a week and your skin will thank you by showing signs of improvement in sebum production and smoothing out fine lines.

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Aoral Bamboo Charcoal Purifying Mask

This mask is mainly suitable for the treatment of blackheads and sebum control. The Aoral mask works according to the method peel off: it penetrates the pores and when you remove it it takes away all the impurities, making your skin smooth and even. To ensure maximum efficiency, clean your skin well and keep it in contact with steam for about 5 minutes (you can also apply the product immediately after the shower.) After exposing the skin to the steam, dry the skin well and spread the product on the areas where your blackheads are concentrated. Wait about 20 minutes and then remove the mask: do it gently to ensure that all blackheads are eliminated.The results are truly impressive!

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BACC bamboo charcoal-based blackhead treatment mask

This mask has practically all the properties of the front mask, with one more weapon: the formula of the cream is enriched with hyaluronic acid which, as you know very well, helps in the prevention and treatment of wrinkles and scars. Bamboo charcoal together with the antioxidant properties of blueberry purify pores in depth, leaving your face purified and revitalized.


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