Harry Potter: all games inspired by the saga

Harry Potter is the wizard created by J.K. Rowling, most loved in the world.
It has inspired seven books and eight films, not to mention the thousands of gadgets that all fans compete for!
But when it is not possible to take a walk or play in the park, because it is really cold outside or it is pouring with rain, finding a way to relax at home is the ideal solution. If you love the Harry Potter saga, these games to play with the people you love will blow your mind. Check!

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Hogwarts 3D Puzzle

A majestic 3D puzzle that becomes a faithful reproduction of Hogwarts Castle, the school of witchcraft and wizardry of Harry, Hermione and Ron. Have fun building it piece by piece and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere that, once completed, will give your home!

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Lego Hogwarts Express

Platform 9 and 3/4 and off to a new school year full of adventures!
All the magic of Lego to build, one brick at a time, the busy train journeys of Harry Potter, his friends and enemies! The box, in addition to the pieces of train and tracks, contains the main characters with which you can have fun inventing different stories!

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Cluedo Harry Potter

Use your investigative skills to solve the case set in the scenario of your favorite saga and become a real detective by finding clues and solving the mysteries that await you.
Play with one of your favorite characters and have fun with the whole family; move on the board and collect the clues, whoever solves the case first wins!

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Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

This edition of Trivial Pursuit on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is for true experts: the questions are based on both books and movies.
600 questions that will entertain the whole family and will challenge even the most knowledgeable of fans!

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