Hunziker: "I'm expecting a girl"

Michelle Hunziker has announced that she is expecting a girl and has also revealed that she will soon marry her partner Tomaso Trussardi.

Until now, the Swiss presenter had declared that she was not interested in the sex of the baby she carries, but now she has wanted to make the happy news public: it is a girl, the second, because Michelle is already Aurora's mother, she had since first husband Eros Ramazzotti.

Hunziker also revealed that she plans to get married soon. “I wanted to get married before the baby was born. Take a break in pregnancy with a family party. It would have been too hectic. I preferred to go along with the natural times of our history. After all, it was the same for conception. From the very beginning Tomaso had a strong desire for fatherhood ", said the blonde presenter of Strip the News who told in detail how the marriage proposal took place. “It made me cry: I got the usual big red nose. We had an evening of work, he waited for me to finish putting on my make-up and then he made me pour everything with the proposal ", said Hunziker who added about the wedding:" There is no date, but it will be soon ".

Michelle has in fact specified that now the priority remains pregnancy: "I have a strong maternal instinct, I have never been silent about the desire for other children, and Tomaso is the right man. I left it to nature. I certainly didn't expect to get pregnant so quickly. I like to think that the baby was conceived in Palermo on January 24th, my birthday ”.

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