5 tricks to avoid damaging your hair when you comb it

Although combing our hair is one of the first things we learn to do, especially if we have been vain little girls, this is not synonymous with knowing how to do it best. Often, in fact, when we comb our hair we are in a hurry, we neglect the how and when and so we tend to weaken and break it, ruining it. So watch the video to learn the secret of strong and healthy hair, and discover 5 tips to take care of it only with a brush and comb:

1. Clean the brush thoroughly

First of all: cleaning the brush. The brush should be cleaned at least once a week. Removing germs, bacteria, sebum and dust is very important. Disinfecting it is not difficult and does not take long, since a little liquid soap or even bicarbonate will suffice. Be careful with drying though: you may have unpleasant surprises if you do not absorb all the water, especially when we are talking about wet model brushes. brush, therefore with the bottom that can fill with water ...

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2. Brush your hair before showering

Brushing the hair before showering is important and is an action that has several benefits: products used for hairstyles are more easily eliminated (from the most elaborate, to the simple gel to make the ponytail less disheveled); the hair will already be more untangled. during shampooing; the natural sebum of your hair will be better distributed along the hair and this will further protect the hair from washing products, hot water and hot air from the hairdryer.

3. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet

Brushing wet hair weakens it. Yet for many it is unthinkable not to comb their hair when it is wet after shampooing. The advice is to use not only special products during shampooing, such as conditioners and masks, but also to choose the comb / brush carefully when brushing. Tight and not very flexible teeth, in fact, exacerbate the fragility of the hair, not favoring its natural movement.

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4. Use a detangling product

In general, even dry, it would be better to use a detangling product. There are serums that protect and detangle the hair, and types of conditioner that can be used without rinsing. In this way it will be easier to untie the knots, avoiding attacking the hair, which must be brushed, we remember, first from the ends by untying the lower knots, and then dedicating ourselves to the roots.

5. Brush your hair before going to sleep (not too much)

Without exaggerating, therefore avoiding brushing your hair center times (this also damages the hair), it would be healthy for the hair to be brushed before going to sleep. To begin with, the hair should be tied before our restful sleep, and then brushing it before collecting it, for the same principle that it would be better to brush it before the shower, the hair will be more protected and hydrated thanks to an equal distribution of natural sebum.

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