Luxury car rental is born

How can this dramatic fall be resolved? The answer of the Hertz rental car company is called Hertz Supercars: in practice it is not necessary to give up luxury, it can be easily rented.

With this service, Hertz makes available, through its partner Finagest SpA, exclusive models produced by the most famous car manufacturers in the world, such as Porsche, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, with rates starting from 230 euros per day and a discount of 5 % for those who book online.

And now the offer is even wider and more varied and includes Porsche Panamera GTS, Cayenne Turbo, Jaguar X-KR and Audi Q7 S Line, which can also be delivered to your home or to hotels, offices and airports.

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To rent one of these super-luxury models you just need to be 25 years old, a non-prepaid credit card and, of course, a well-stocked current account.

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