Super metabolism diet: how to lose 10 kg in a month

The Supermetabolism diet, brought to the fore by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, is based on the fat-burning power of foods and, thanks to a precise scheme that provides for a subdivision into three phases, helps to accelerate the metabolism and make you lose weight faster, up to 10 kg in just one month.

Whatever diet you choose to approach, it would be good to consume these 10 foods with some regularity that not only help our body stay fit, but are a real panacea for our health. Find out what they are in the video below!

Used in various health centers not only to lose weight but also to combat diabetes and certain metabolic diseases, this diet has convinced celebrities (including Jennifer Lopez and Robert Downey Jr) and athletes for the effectiveness and speed of its results, which are not only result in weight loss, but also in decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and stabilization of the glycemic rate However, the key to success of this diet is being able to lose 10 kg in a few weeks.

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The scheme of the supermetabolism diet

The super metabolism diet lasts only 28 days and includes three different phases that alternate every 2-3 days, in weekly cycles. Each phase involves the consumption of different foods and the performance of a different type of physical activity, but there are basic rules that must be respected for the duration of the program.

Here is the scheme to follow if you want to get benefits and advantages from the super metabolism diet:
- Eat 5 times a day, every 3-4 hours without skipping meals;
- Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up;
- Drink 30 cl of water for every kilo of body weight (therefore one and a half liters if you weigh about 50 kg);
- Choose organic food;
- Exercise at least 3 times a week;
- Respect the 3 phases of the diet.

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The super metabolism diet: the phases and an example of a complete menu

The first phase of the diet must be followed on Mondays and Tuesdays and fruit, vegetables, proteins and cereals should be favored, although not all. The menu of the super metabolism diet should include a portion of cereals and fruit for breakfast, two fruit-based snacks, lunch and dinner with a portion of cereals, one portion of protein and vegetables in quantity.

The second phase of this diet to lose 10 kg must be followed on Wednesday and Thursday and involves the intake of proteins and vegetables, taking care to opt for grilled, boiled or stewed cooking, and to avoid completely fats, exactly. as in the previous step. The menu of this second part of the diet will consist of a breakfast and snacks based on omelettes (only egg whites) and vegetables and lunch and dinner with lean meats, fish or lean sausages and vegetables.

The third and final phase of the super metabolism regimen, to be followed every Friday and at the weekend, involves the replenishment of fatty foods, as long as they are healthy, along with proteins, low glycemic index fruits and whole grains. At breakfast and during snacks you will have to consume fruit, while at lunch and dinner you can choose half a portion of quinoa, brown rice or oats, along with a plate of lean meat or fish, and vegetables at will.

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Remember to exercise! Here is a video to keep fit

Always remember to accompany a balanced diet with "constant physical activity." Physical exercise is in fact essential and can speed up your weight loss process considerably. As nutritionist Haylie Pomroy states, "Resistance exercises increase the production of hormones that make cells use glucose more efficiently. These hormonal responses give the body the power to burn fat, improve muscle growth and establish a natural rhythm ". Here is a video that explains in detail how to warm up and perform abdominal crunches to show off a flat stomach in no time!

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What to eat on the super metabolism diet? Here are the most suitable foods to speed up metabolism

Obviously respecting the phases described above and the types of foods allowed and suggested for each of them, we point out the most suitable foods to speed up the metabolism and lose weight faster, which you can include in your daily menu to enrich your super metabolism diet.

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Some healthy and tasty recipes of the diet to lose weight 10 kg!

There are many recipes among which you can range to make the super metabolism diet more appetizing. Below you can find some examples of delicious and healthy dishes from which you can take inspiration for your menu: from three recipes for breakfast to three dishes indicated for each of the three phases.

At breakfast

  • Strawberry Smoothie: Ideal for a tasty and healthy breakfast for phase 1 of the super metabolism diet. Take 3 tablespoons of oat flakes, a cup of strawberries, 120 ml of rice milk or 100 ml of coconut milk, and a spoonful of hold or alternatively a spoonful of almond butter and blend everything.
  • Cocoa cake: ideal for phase 2 of the super metabolism diet. Beat two eggs, using only the egg whites, and add a tablespoon of cocoa and one of stevia, then mix everything and cook in the oven or on the fire using a non-stick pan.
  • Blueberry Pancakes: An example of a perfect breakfast for phase 3 of the super metabolism diet. Chop 5 tablespoons of oat flakes in a blender, add half a grated coconut, an egg, 2/3 tablespoons of stevia and mix. Then add the blueberries, and cook on the stove with a non-stick pan.

Blueberry pancakes

For full meals

  • Chicken curry: a recipe indicated for phase 1 of the diet. Cook a little onion with water and salt, add the pieces of chicken and Brussels sprouts and continue cooking for about 20 minutes. In the meantime, dedicate yourself to the curry, diluting it with a little water, and finally pour it into the pan. with chicken and sprouts.You can also add other types of vegetables, such as carrots or fennel, according to your preferences.
  • Baked cod: indicated for phase 2 of the diet. Put the cod on a bed of diced cherry tomatoes, add parsley, basil and oregano and season with salt, garlic and pepper. Bake everything in the oven at 180 ° C for 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Quinoa with chickpeas, celery and avocado: dish indicated for phase 3 of the diet. Boil the chickpeas, put them in a bowl, add avocado and celery cut into small pieces, and season with parsley and salt. Cook the quinoa and pour it into the bowl with the vegetables, mixing everything.

Quinoa with chickpeas, celery and avocado

The maintenance

The maintenance of the super metabolism diet coincides with its phase 4 and is aimed at maintaining the weight form achieved after the slimming regimen. But what rules must be followed in order not to regain the lost kilos?

Basically there are three points to take into consideration in this maintenance phase.

  • First you can integrate a food from the prohibited list - bread, coffee, tea, pasta, dairy, packaged foods, refined sugars and alcohol. This is a concession that must be made only if it does not create ailments such as swelling or heaviness, in that case, avoid it and go back to following the directions of the diet or choose another food.
  • For snacks you are no longer forced to limit yourself to fats and proteins plus vegetables, but you can also range with those provided by the other phases, so fruit or just proteins.
  • For the various meals of the day - from breakfast to dinner - you are no longer forced to follow the rigid scheme of the diet of its phases, but you can eat whatever you prefer, ranging from one phase to another without any restrictions.

Obviously you can go back to following the alternating phase supermetabolism diet, even if only for a week a month or when you see fit.

Opinions, criticisms and comments of the super metabolism diet

Excluding foods such as bread, coffee, tea, pasta, dairy products, refined foods and sugars, this diet is rather difficult to follow for a long period of time, especially for those who have always consumed large quantities of carbohydrates, the main foods of Italian cuisine. For this reason the supermetabolism diet is not received very positively by most, so much so that according to the opinion of some, it would lead to a regain of the pounds lost once it is abandoned; and for a diet to be considered valid and effective, it must be able to be sustainable for life, with no time limits. In any case, the super metabolism diet can be considered particularly suitable for accelerating metabolism and therefore optimal to follow for certain limited moments, following a considerable accumulation of weight due to particular reasons.

The importance of physical activity: the most suitable sports for each phase of the supermetabolism diet

It is essential for every diet to work, is that, in accompaniment to this, there is also a "physical and constant activity. But what are the most suitable sports if you follow the super metabolism diet? In reality there are specific disciplines suitable for each of the three phases into which this diet is divided.

  • Phase 1: in this first phase it is better to prefer an aerobic type activity. Then go ahead with swimming, spinning, running or cycling. Burning calories and disposing of it is the goal of the initial phase of the diet.
  • Phase 2: ideal in this central phase is anaerobic work, in particular the discipline of weight lifting and training with tools. For this second part of the diet, in fact, the aim is to strengthen and strengthen the muscles, to tone the body where it is. lost weight thanks to the first phase.
  • Phase 3: perfect any discipline that facilitates relaxation. From yoga to Tai-chi to pure meditation: the important thing is to relax and relax your mind and body, and your weight will thank you too.

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