Autumn skirts 2018: the 5 must-have models we want now!

Feminine and sexy, skirts represent everything that is trendiest in this fall-winter 2018-2019. The trend of the season is the vintage style, so straight skirts with a high waist. The proposed colors range from chocolate to camel, which can be combined simply with a sweater, tights with a crew neck and overknees boots.

We searched on Instagram which skirts are the ones chosen by fashion bloggers for autumn 2018: these are the 5 must-have skirts of the season!

1. Ribknit

It doesn't matter if you cut a sheath or a bell: this fall you can't miss the ribbed skirts. Already in the summer we saw this trend emerge, but while in the warmer months the colored ribbed skirts dominated the attention, now we are focusing on classic and soft colors such as gray, beige, black or white.

For example, you can combine the fall rock trend with a turtleneck sweater and stylish biker boots. The best: the fabric is not only chic, it is super soft and keeps us warm on cold days.

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We discovered on Amazon a large ribbed skirt that costs less than 30 euros! It is cut mid-length, soft on the skin and has a spandex content, which is why it fits any body shape. The small slit makes this skirt a real eye-catcher. You can use it both at work and in a more casual look, perhaps for the next shopping session. We like it!

Buy on Amazon for € 29.99

2. Skin

There is hardly another item as versatile as the leather skirt. You can combine it with both casual looks suitable for everyday use, and super sexy for the evening. Currently, models with small details such as zippers or buckles are particularly in vogue.

This fall the real leather-rock professionals choose patent leather skirts. These are more gritty and of great impact. If you don't dare to wear patent leather skirts, try a suede skirt (made from faux leather, of course). It is a little more sober and this fall is also absolutely trendy!


We found this faux leather model with glitter on the front on Amazon. On cold days you can combine it with an oversized sweater and sneakers. Isn't this look chic enough for you? Then you can combine the skirt with a pair of over the knee boots and a top that hugs your figure. Voilá, here you are with a seductive and elegant party look for autumn.

Buy on Amazon for € 31.38

3. Tweed

Le style française: the tweed skirt brings Parisian fashion directly to our wardrobe. Skirts made with this trendy fabric remind us not only of elegant French women, but also of the luxury label Chanel: tweed is one of its trademarks. Don't worry, girls have found a model for you that suits you. will allow you to wear your Chanel skirt without spending your entire salary.


We discovered a cheap tweed skirt on Amazon. The elegant bell cut rejuvenates the skirt and makes it playful and feminine. For the office you can combine it, for example, with a white blouse and décolleté. Or you can wear it with a sweater and boots. Really very elegant!

Buy on Amazon for € 32.39

4. Asymmetry

Asymmetrical cuts have already conquered t-shirts, blouses and other tops. But skirts with an asymmetrical cut are also in fashion this fall. The skirt is designed in such a way that one side is different from the other. For example, it is a little longer or has a different print. Do not be misled: the result can be super elegant!


We found an asymmetrical skirt on Amazon that looks form-fitting and casual at the same time. It has a suede look and a nice ribbon as a detail. The skirt is best paired with a monochromatic top, such as a cream-colored turtleneck. This way, the look won't be overloaded.

Buy on Amazon for € 35.28

5. Denim

The good news for all fans of denim rock: even in autumn you don't have to banish your beloved skirts from the closet! While in summer we wore them with light blouses and tops, now we can combine them with sweaters and soft boots. Especially models with slit are now falling in the trend.

On colder days, you can simply wear a pair of tights under your skirt. Perfect for transition: these denim skirts are the fashion of fall 2018!


Buy on Amazon for € 19.99 <

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