Melania Trump vs Meghan Markle, look compared. Who wears it best

Melania Trump: the looks during the English tour

The First Lady, Melania Trump, was often spotted - during the British tour with the President - in put not exactly original. In fact, it seems that her looks, very familiar to us, are nothing more than an "imitation of those of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. The Sun the fashion expert - Tracey Lea Sayer - allegedly stated: "Melania has worn a range of designers from Burberry to Celine and Dior and seems to have customized her wardrobe perfectly for the event ... One thing that struck me is that she has a very similar taste to the Duchess of Sussex. Both women prefer a clean line and an American minimal look ".

Melania and Meghan: who copies who?

In the past, the two fashionistas had already been caught with the same outfit: couture dresses, strictly Louboutin heels, hats and monochromatic looks. But whoever copies who is not given to know.
The style of the two Americans is nothing short of identical. In fact, both Melania and Meghan have become undisputed icons of elegance and simplicity: almost two twins separated at birth.

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