"I can't believe it happened": mom gives birth to twins who have different colored skin

Hannah Yarker is English, she is 20 years old and she is very much in love with Kyle Armstrong, a 24-year-old boy with mulatto skin.
When the girl discovered she was pregnant, as she told TheSun, her friends had begun to fear the idea of ​​two little girls who did not look alike but she always refused to believe such a thing: it is really possible that two twins have a totally different skin color?


Their names are Myla and Anaya and they are now 10 months old. The first is characterized by very light skin while the other, a bit darker, seems to have taken everything from the father.
At first the difference was not obvious but then, as time went by ...

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Hannah, the mother of the girls, claims it is impossible to walk with the girls without people asking her if these two wonders are actually related: there is only a one in 500 chance that something like this could happen!