Raoul Bova and Rocìo soon parents of a child: the actress would be in the 5th month of pregnancy

They have been protagonists, in spite of themselves, of the gossip column for a long time and now they return, it seems, for good news. In fact, according to the latest rumors, it would seem that Raoul Bova and Rocìò Munoz Morales are about to become parents. The couple, among the most discreet and reserved of the showbiz, could in fact greet the birth of a girl next December. According to persistent gossip now in circulation for several weeks, the twenty-seven-year-old interpreter would be in the fifth month of pregnancy. The conditional, however, is mandatory because there has not yet been any confirmation from the two actors nor have any suspicious tummies been sighted. In short, unfortunately we can only wait for the news to become official, even if it seems that a pink bow will soon hang in the Bova house.

© Getty Rocìo and Raoul

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