Flirt, instructions for use

The clothing

Out: the tight-fitting clothes that prevent you from breathing and let you see everything, the red lipstick on the lips, the heavy make-up, the flashy jewels that blind even those who are a kilometer away… when it's too much is too much! You give the impression of being an "easy girl", desperate and ready for anything: you are not flirting but trying to hook up with someone! It seems that you are looking for a one-night stand or, at least worst, you pass by a pathetic girl who no longer knows how to attract attention.

In: choose clothing that you feel comfortable in. Maybe avoid the sweatpants and the XXL t-shirt, rather wear a light and fluid feminine dress, which suggests the shapes and makes you want to know more about you, in every sense! If you feel comfortable you will be more confident, and therefore more charming. As for makeup, use pastel colors that flatter you, to feel fresh and fit, as if you just got out of the shower.

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Mental preparation

Out: leave defeated! If deep down you think you have no hope of interesting that guy, it's not worth continuing, the facts will prove you right! Subconsciously you will send him negative signals and he will be numb to your charm.

In: Breathe in… breathe out. Everything works in your favor, you just have to believe in it and show your qualities! The more confident you are, the more opportunities for flirting will arise. You have to love yourself to be loved, everyone knows that. If you are a pessimist, you need to find self-confidence! Yes, you too can please that handsome guy leaning against the counter, no, it's not reserved for the blonde with two meters long legs ...

How to approach him?

Out: the pats on the back and the big laughs, old friend style who doesn't get too much trouble and who is not afraid of anything. The shy girl who dozes in you and who believes she is doing the best by coming forward risks becoming, in fact, just an "old friend". Defeat guaranteed.

In: relax and try to smile! A radiant face is much more attractive than a shy and disdainful grimace: men go to talk more easily to women who smile. A simple giggle with your delicately made up lips will put it at your feet. Give him some stealthy glances and don't hesitate to show that you are interested ... without exaggerating. Don't forget that your attitude and face speak volumes about your intentions and that the brain perceives messages from non-verbal communication better.

The conversation

Out: talk only about you: "When I was 15 I loved horses ... my sister and I are inseparable ... with my ex ... I have a relationship of great complicity with my mother ..." Help! First take a breath and then know that your interlocutor hasn't listened to you for a while and has even had time to spot a beautiful brunette two tables away. You have been talking about yourself for at least a quarter of an hour, you have also told him the name of your first pet and you have not yet been interested in him! Even worse: you don't let him act, he feels stuck in his manhood and is starting to find you vulgar. You don't give him the space to go further in the game of seduction.

In: speak at the right time, intervene appropriately and above all… let him speak! He will appreciate that you care about him and above all that you listen to him. Ask him questions and value him. The exchange has to be balanced and you both have to find your own gain. Adapt, weigh your words and show only your positives ... at least for the moment! If your intentions don't seem clear enough, don't hesitate to pass some messages, but always with discretion!

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