5 myths about ready-made sauces that will change your life (and save you time)!

Many things are said about ready-made sauces, not very positive: they don't taste good, they are full of preservatives, they make a bad impression at the table, and so on. Here we are, then, debunking 5 of these myths. The best ready sauces, in fact, are not only very convenient and versatile in their numerous possibilities of use, but are also made with Italian and quality products. Read to believe.

Still doubtful? Read to believe.

1. Ready sauces are not good

First myth to dispel: who said that ready-made sauces are not good? Of course, there are several and not all of them will be excellent, but where the quality of the ingredients is guaranteed, preferably Italian, and c "is a brand with behind a history and a consolidated tradition, you can't go wrong.

Have you already tasted, for example, the new Barilla Pesto alla Genovese recipe? Close your eyes and imagine the scent of fresh basil leaves harvested at dawn combined with the genuine flavor of Parmigiano Reggiano: from a perfect encounter like this, a fragrant pesto can only be born, with a fresh and authentic taste! ready sauces are not good, taste it and get ready to change your mind ...

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2. They are full of preservatives

Again: not all ready-made sauces are full of preservatives as they say. If you read the labels carefully, you will notice that there are several, high quality ones, which do not use preservatives at all in their preparation. The Barilla Pesto alla Genovese, for example, guarantees your pasta the fullness of Italian flavors without the addition of preservatives.

The same goes for the new Barilla Datterino Sauce, a ready-made sauce that uses few quality ingredients, 100% Italian: sun-ripened datterino tomato, a delicate fried onion and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, in a soft and velvety. Have you read "preservatives" somewhere?

3. They don't make you look good

Let's face it: the very idea of ​​offering your guests a ready-made sauce at dinner lights up your mother's indignant voice screaming at the "ugly figure" in your ears. Fortunately, times have changed, and problems of this type - in the face of a hard working day in which time is less and less - the convenience of having an excellent ready-made sauce should only make us breathe a sigh of relief!

High quality ready-made sauces such as Pesto alla Genovese and Barilla Datterino Sauce are an excellent help in the kitchen for the preparation of everyday meals, including those in which guests are present. The taste they guarantee, together with their convenience and practicality (I challenge you to prepare a nice homemade pesto at the last minute!) Are a valid help in the kitchen, and with zero sense of guilt! They are so good and genuine that no one will miss it. : they will be too busy eating.

4. They don't allow you a "varied diet."

This is also a myth to dispel! Most ready-made sauces can be used in the most diverse ways and for the most varied recipes. Pesto alla Genovese, for example, is mainly used cold (diluted or not), especially on normal semolina pasta, but it can also become an ingredient for salads, a tasty sauce for a delicious aperitif and so on and so forth!

The Datterino Sauce, then, is hyper-versatile: excellent on pasta, it also goes well with vegetables, it can be varied with the addition of spices or used for pizza or as an excellent sauce. In short, yes to sauces ready to be used together with your fantasy!

5. They are difficult to digest and with little taste

If you choose high quality ready-made sauces such as Barilla's ones, without the addition of sugars and preservatives, digestibility will be guaranteed, as well as the taste and a final result that ensures excellent value for money. If you are afraid that a ready-made sauce can create digestive problems, once again the solution is to focus on choosing the right sauce, with Italian ingredients that give your dish all the Mediterranean flavor of our beautiful Italy such as Pesto alla Genovese and Datterino Sauce. .

Having dispelled these myths about sauces, are you ready to go wild in the kitchen?

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