The tricks to remove stains

The winning moves

To get rid of stains easily, the most important thing is to act quickly. Start by removing the dust from the stained object. If the stain is raised, remove the excess dirt using the blunt side of a blade.

If you choose to use one stain remover, to avoid unpleasant surprises we recommend that you first try it on a hidden corner of the surface to be stained and wait for the indicated installation times. Never pour the product directly onto the stain but spray it on a cloth that you will use to dab the stain in a circular motion, from the outside to the inside. Also remember to put an absorbent cloth under the surface to be removed.

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Good to know: hot water fixes stains on fabrics, never use it to remove stains.

Grease stains

- White cotton: dab the stain with trichlorethylene and then wait for the trichlorethylene to evaporate before putting the fabric in the washing machine. If it is a colored fabric, blot the stain with water and ammonia.

- Synthetic fabrics: Gently rub the stain with an alcohol-soaked rag and then rinse the fabric.

- Wool and silk: cover the talcum stain and then clean it with a brush. At this point, put the fabric in the washing machine.

Coffee stains

- Cotton: use a rag soaked in hydrogen peroxide or flammable alcohol mixed with white vinegar.

- Synthetic fibers: use water and lemon.

- Wool and silk: mix one quantity of alcohol with two quantities of cold water.

Wine stains

- Cotton: soak the fabric in equal parts water and alcohol. If a halo remains, use acetic acid.

- Synthetic fibers: the only solution is to use dish soap or Marseille soap.

Fruit stains

- Cotton: Fruit and vegetable stains can be eliminated by blotting the fabric with water and flammable alcohol mixed in equal parts. You can also replace alcohol with vinegar, but in this case you will have to repeat the operation several times.

- White leaders: just use water with a little bleach, however do not leave it to act for more than 5 minutes otherwise the fabric risks yellowing.

- Synthetic fabrics: synthetic fabrics will regain all their splendor thanks to soap and water or water and vinegar. If the stains resist, mix 1 glass of hydrogen peroxide with 10 glasses of water.

- Wool: Gently blot the stain with a cloth soaked in vinegar and rinse quickly.

Good to know: for red fruit stains, pat the fabric with a cloth soaked in lemon juice and rinse quickly.

Chocolate stains: dab the stain with diluted white vinegar (2 tablespoons in 25 cl of water).

Patches of grass: Rub the stain with a cloth soaked in lemon juice and rinse. If it is a delicate fabric, do the same thing using flammable alcohol or water with a little ammonia.

Ballpoint pen stains: rub with flammable alcohol.

Lipstick stains: dab the stain with a cotton swab impregnated with trichlorethylene or ether, then wash the fabric.

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