Women who regularly eat junk food have a harder time getting pregnant!

The study published in the journal "Human Reproduction" and conducted by the Robinson Restearch Institute of the University of Adelaide in Australia focused on the influence that diet would have on our ability to procreate. To do this, a sample of 5,598 pregnant women between the ages of 18 and 43 was analyzed. Mothers-to-be were asked what type of diet they were following during the month prior to conception and how long they had to wait before becoming pregnant.

The results revealed that women who ate four or more servings of junk food in the weeks before conception took a month longer to get pregnant than those who rarely ate it. Likewise, women who ate fruit only once or three times a month began their pregnancy on average fifteen days later than would-be moms who ate it at least three times a day.

The researchers noted that the risk of infertility was 8% to 12% in those with the lowest fruit consumption, while it rose to 16% among normal junk food consumers.

The fatty acids present in the blood of junk food lovers can actually affect the quality of the eggs. On the other hand, this type of food is rich in fat, sugar and salt, which can also explain a possible alteration of the metabolism.

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The same attention to nutrition must also be reserved during the period of pregnancy itself. There are in fact some foods that are best avoided during this delicate period. Here is a video that explains what they are.

These findings still need to be taken with caution as the study only focuses on two aspects of the diet: fatty foods and fruit. Although the researchers took into account other factors, such as age, maternal smoking, alcohol consumption and body mass index, the father's diet remains absent, while it is certain that he too has an influence on the conception.

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