How to choose your new mini oven

Over the years, the mini-oven has become an indispensable ally for all those who have a small kitchen, but also for great chefs, since it has nothing to envy to ovens. conventional.
Unfortunately, the mini-oven is often underestimated, but we recommend it because it is compact and easy to use, combining quality and efficiency. If you lack space in the kitchen, it remains the best solution.

There are several models on the market, each with its own characteristics. That's why it can be difficult to make the right choice.
Don't worry, we will guide you in this choice. Here you will find all the useful tips to help you make the best possible investment.

What do I need a mini oven for?

The key is to define the capacity you need. Is it for daily use or rather occasional use? If you will use it every day, the best thing is to have a more substantial budget (but you will easily find what you are looking for at an affordable price), but also what are the suitable sizes.

An oven from 30 to 45 liters seems ideal. You can cook different types of food in it without sacrificing the quantity. The mini-ovens of this capacity are often very powerful to ensure good cooking and a temperature that can reach 240 degrees. ideal for any type of preparation.

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We have selected the Severin mini-oven, which has 42 liters of capacity and 18,000 watts of power, for excellent value for money.

© Severin / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 140.95

What are the technical characteristics to be evaluated?

So, before buying a mini-oven, you need to think about your cooking habits.
For example, if you love gratin, you can't leave out the grill option.
If you're a fan of lasagna, consider mini-ovens with rotating heat.
Finally, if you love roast chicken, you should look for a model where the skewer can be inserted.

The grid

Why is the grill important?
Present in most mini-ovens, the grill offers the possibility of using different temperatures at the same time, for very specific purposes.
For example, it is perfect for creating that effect of crunchiness on the outside and softness on the inside. Suffice it to say that this feature applies to most preparations and should be used in the last few minutes of cooking.

Enjoy the grill option with this Klarstein oven, which is ideal for large families. The thermostat varies between 100 and 230 ° C, your dishes will be a success!

© Klarstein Masterchef XL / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 239.99

The rotating heat

Rotating heat is essential for cooking most meals. In fact, it evenly distributes the heat throughout the oven, for quick and easy cooking. With this option, you can not only reheat food, but it is
Also perfect for dishes such as lasagna, roasts and many difficult to cook desserts such as cheesecake or chocolate soufflé.

If this option seems essential to you, you will love the Moulinex oven, which will cook all your dishes to perfection.

© Moulinex OX464810 / Amazonn Buy on Amazon for 139 €

The rotisserie

The rotisserie is the indispensable ally for timeless dishes such as a good roast chicken, tender inside and crunchy on the outside.
To cook the chicken evenly, you can insert a removable spit that will turn during cooking.
Generally, you will find a pre-selected program with the required cooking mode and temperature.
A big plus is that you can use the tray which is down to catch the grease that runs off during cooking.

For all these features, the Severin oven is ideal. Like most ovens that have this option, its capacity is 30 liters and the cooking programs are plentiful.

© Severin / Amazon Buy on Amazon for 125 €

Microwave oven

If you really lack space, but you just can't do without an oven, the microwave oven is the ideal compromise. It allows you to heat, defrost, cook and grill all types of dishes.
From soup to pizza, nothing escapes him.
Despite its versatility, it is really very easy to use, especially for everyday use.

Here is the Sharp model for example.
With its capacity of 25 liters and its dimensions favorable to the smallest spaces.

© Sharp R-742INW / Amazon Buy on Amazon for € 119.05

The little things that make a difference

Here are other small features that we often don't think about, but which are very useful to take into account, for optimal comfort.
For example, the timer allows you to relax while cooking without worries.
The lighting allows a much more practical use, to see at what point the cooking is.

The Aicook mini-oven is simple but functional. It particularly seduced us with its super affordable price, combined with high quality. All essential functions are there. Its 1500 watt power will be enough to cook all your favorite dishes.

© Aicook / Amazon

Buy on Amazon for € 65.99 <

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