What do men think while making love?

You thought you were the only one who sometimes thinks about her ex while making love with her partner or who wonders "but when will it arrive?" or exclaims disappointed in the thought "oh no, it has already arrived!"? Unfortunately, or fortunately, we ladies are not the only ones distracting ourselves while making love. Boys have thoughts of their own and do not always strictly concern what they are doing (despite all the clichés about them). love is good for the heart, maybe knowing what the partner is thinking is not that important ...

1. Make your partner enjoy it to the fullest

The main interest of a man is that his partner is (truly) enjoying it. So every man wonders if he can really cause pleasure and constantly asks himself the fateful question: is he about to reach orgasm? Has she reached orgasm? Is she faking it?
In short: man likes to feel that he makes you enjoy, and this is undoubtedly one of his concerns.

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2. The to-do list the next day

Like when at school the teacher talks and talks and thoughts wander. So, while you squirm over him trying to seduce him, he's probably weighing in: bills to pay, phone calls to make, mom's lasagna, deadlines for work , the washing machine to hang out and so on. C "it must be said that often these thoughts are given by an important objective: the duration of the service. Sometimes, thinking about something else, the man manages to delay ejaculation to devote more time to us!

3. In the heat and sweat

If it is true that we women give in, it is also true that often the maximum of physical activity is up to the man. It happens very often that he is the one who has to be more trained, and in this case it is undeniable that among the thoughts there is: "I'm hot, I'm sweating, I can't take it anymore". It will be enough to take a short break from sport to resume at an intense pace.

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4. At the football championship

Sorry to tell you, but he also thinks about it while he's in bed with you. Maybe the bills played, the fantasy football, the championship, the formation of the favorite team ... we don't know how, but he will think about it. And this is because in the end, in addition to improving duration and performance, football will always give him an "emotion that you will never be able to give (let us resign ourselves).

5. To their ex

Are you feeling super hot and hot in your moans of excitement? Those lines are perhaps bringing his ex to mind. Quiet, we know you think about your ex from time to time too, just as you look your boyfriend in the eye during a furious ride. Comparisons are inevitable and all in all acceptable, as long as they stay in his head (and yours), of course.

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P.S. While making love to you he can understand that you imagine and work your imagination ... that you think about a threesome or that you imagine yourself in other kinds of situations, like these:

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