5 tips to relax on the plane (and fall asleep) if you are afraid

Airplanes allow us to cover great distances in a very short time, it is also true that many of us suffer from an atavistic fear since it is not relaxing for everyone to be 10 thousand meters above the ground, although data and statistics state that the "airplane is a means much safer than the car ...
Do you have a trip planned?
Here's how to prepare your suitcase in the best way and, above all, here are 5 tips to relax once in flight!

1. Choose your seat carefully

With a small surcharge, even low cost airlines allow you to choose your seat. If once on the plane you realize with immense joy that the flight is almost empty ... Take advantage of it! Unfortunately you cannot know it well in advance but by moving to more empty seats, once you have obtained the approval of the hostess, you can relax the backrest thus earning a few inches more for the legs.

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2. Listen to the music

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It is necessary to always keep the devices in air mode and not to use them during take-off and landing, which are also the phases of the flight in which it is good to stay awake, but once at high altitude, nobody forbids you to isolate yourself and listen. songs that you know how to do for you.
Some relax with classical music while others prefer to rely on songs loaded with memories: try both modes and you will live on income on the next flight!

3. Clothes comfortable

It sounds silly but the clothes really make a difference. It is certainly more likely to fall asleep wearing a suit than an uncomfortable (but certainly more professional) suit fresh from the laundry. the flight: you never know what the temperature inside the aircraft might be!
In case the light bothers you, bring a mask: it will help you create the right atmosphere to relax.

4. Stay hydrated

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At high altitudes you get dehydrated very quickly, so it is recommended to drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol. As for food, there is no need to experiment on the plane. If the meal is included in the ticket price, take a look at the menu and limit yourself to ingesting only what you think is the safest possible for your stomach. Another option is to get yourself a packet of crackers, or something to break your hunger, so you can eat once on the ground!

5. Watch a movie

Lots of platforms allow you to legally download movies so you can watch them even when your device is offline - why not take advantage of it?
Choose in advance a couple of movies you'd like to see (carefully avoid the ones with planes as you would only risk fueling your anxiety), put on your earphones and immerse yourself in history.
Alternatively, you could also dedicate yourself to a documentary about one of your passions: narrating voices always instill a lot of calm!

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