3 things you didn't know about bra and how to find the perfect one for you

What we have with the bra is certainly a relationship of love and hate. He supports us in times of need and yet, at times, we perceive him as an uncomfortable presence from which we cannot wait to free ourselves as soon as we return home.
The way we put it, however, speaks volumes about us ... look here:

  1. · 1. The bra speaks to you
  2. · 2. A white T-shirt can help you understand
  3. · 3. Always wearing the same is not a good idea
  4. · How do I find the perfect bra?

1. The bra speaks to you

Now, he's not really saying words, but if at the end of the day you feel like watching him burn, he may not be the one for you.
If you feel the sharp underwire trying to make its way, or if it leaves too strong marks on your body, perhaps it is best to abandon it for something that is tailor-made for you.

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2. A white T-shirt can help you understand

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Put on the bra in question and then slip on a white T-shirt: what do you see?
If the bra is noticeable a lot it is likely that it does not fit well on your body and favors the formation of strange gaps.
If, on the other hand, the spaces are too full and you feel a bit oppressed ... maybe you are wearing a bra that is smaller than necessary!

3. Always wearing the same is not a good idea

By dint of always wearing the same garment, this will deteriorate in no time. For every 24 hours with you, a bra would need 48 hours without you to allow the elastic fabric to return to its original shape.
Furthermore, the ideal would be to wash it once a week and by hand, but with the use of a laundry bag you can easily solve the problem and put it in the washing machine!

How do you find the perfect bra?

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One thing we often forget is that not all of us are the same, not just when it comes to sizes.
Each of us has very specific shapes: some have round breasts, others teardrop, others still bell ...
Take this into account when you go to buy a support and ask the seller for help who, of course, will be able to give you a hand!

In addition to the perfect bra, remember to love yourself and rely on prevention!

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