Wedding bouquet: 8 super cool trends to show off at the wedding!

A bride knows, the bouquet is not a secondary accessory. The bouquet opens the way, precedes us a few centimeters in the walk towards the altar, gives color to the dress, expresses a message through flowers and colors. Therefore, the choice of flowers and this so important accessory. Unless you too happen to have your beloved future husband throw a joke of this kind on you and make you have a surprise wedding!

In summary: if the wedding dress is the expression of one's personality, the hair accessories represent a touch of creativity, the shoes the sensuality, the bouquet is the message that the bride wants to give to the guests. Let's see together what are the 8 coolest trends for bridal bouquets!

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1. Cascading wedding bouquet, perfect for brides with a simple dress

The cascading bridal bouquet is the perfect choice to give an extra touch to your minimal dress; delicate but at the same time very scenic, this floral composition is able to satisfy the just of all future brides thanks to the different styles it can dress: super romantic total white, colored for the most imaginative brides or pastel shades for real princesses. Its elongated shape and the sinuous movement of leaves and flowers as you approach your betrothed will also add a sensual tone to your figure, which will leave everyone speechless!

© Chic vintage bride-Pinterest Cascading wedding bouquet

2. Round bridal bouquets are the evergreen that never goes out of style

Admit it, as soon as you hear the word "bouquet" you can't help but imagine the classic round composition. This is why the round bridal bouquet has always been the favorite choice of women for the most beautiful day! Classic and romantic, it creates a point of interest on your dress, without taking your attention away from your radiance; moreover, the stems can be simply hidden or decorated with colored ribbons and bows, to add a cheerful twist to your bouquet. finally, to opt for flowers with a rounded chrysalis to increase the effect of delicacy and softness of your composition.

© Wedding wonderland-Pinterest Round wedding bouquet

3. If you have chosen a colorful dress, impress your guests with a white bridal bouquet

You never miss the opportunity to amaze everyone, and your wedding will not be outdone! You have chosen, in fact, a colorful dress to clear the tradition of white, but now you don't know which bouquet color to match? is a traditional white wedding bouquet, which in front of your offbeat dress will create the perfect twist!

© Pinterest White wedding bouquet

4. Make room for imagination with the boho chic bridal bouquet!

Imagine your white, elegant, gorgeous dress. Then imagine you want to give it a bohemian but classy touch. Hard? No! Just a boho chic bouquet, with a country style but with style. Daisies, lavender, brightly colored flowers make this type of bouquet original, giving the bride a hippie shade of great class.

© Wedding Forward-Pinterest Boho chic wedding bouquet

5. Wrist bouquet: for brides who want to go wild on the dance floor

If you fall into the category of women who love to have their hands free, but don't want to give up this important accessory, the wrist bouquet is the perfect solution. The choices are many, in terms of color and shape, of type of flowers and decorations to embellish them, such as pearls or diamonds. The wrist bridal bouquet is an accessory that perfectly combines elegance and comfort and, precisely because it is inspired by American proms, it has the plus of being able to be combined with the flower in the buttonhole of your prince charming!

© Brides-Pinterest Wrist wedding bouquet

6. Traditional bridal bouquets: Peonies, roses, calla lilies, orchids and tulips are a must

It is known that among all the possible experiments, traditional bridal bouquets remain the most in vogue. And what are the most popular flowers? Naturally the roses, symbol of love par excellence, the peonies, which wish for a happy marriage, the calla lilies, whose whiteness recalls purity, the orchids, with their exotic and refined charm, and the tulips, so delicate in their simplicity. flowers you can choose whether to stay on the classic with a monothematic wedding bouquet, or let yourself be inspired by the different possible combinations!

© Pinterest Bridal bouquet of peonies

7. The blue wedding bouquet is perfect for brides who love traditions!

All self-respecting brides-to-be know perfectly well that on their wedding day they will have to wear something new, something old, something borrowed, something given as a gift and ... something blue! If you want to respect traditions, but without falling into the common (and a bit banal by now ...) blue garter, what you can do is choose a blue bouquet as an accessory! The unexpected color will amaze all your guests and make them stand out the light of your dress. In nature there are various blue-colored floral species, we recommend hydrangeas, with multiple delicate flowers, or the Vanda orchid. If, on the other hand, you have a favorite flower that you cannot give up, you are spoiled for choice, because it is possible to inject the desired color into the flower stem in the early stages of growth to achieve the desired effect!

© Pinterest Blue wedding bouquet

8. For a wedding in nature the ideal is a bridal bouquet of wildflowers

You and your future spouse are tired of the chaos and frenzy of the city, so you have organized your wedding in an outdoor location, surrounded by nature and tranquility. Certainly your bouquet must also follow this theme. some proposals for bridal bouquets composed of wild flowers, simple, spontaneous and very refined! Have fun playing with colors, shapes and lengths to create a bouquet that is truly yours.

© Pinterest Wedding bouquet of wildflowers

... And if you still haven't decided which trend to opt for, here are a lot of bridal bouquets to draw inspiration from!

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