Do you want to drink more throughout the day? Try these bottles!

Taking care of your body with physical activity and a balanced diet is essential for staying healthy. However, there is one factor we tend to underestimate too often: hydration. In fact, water not only helps us to maintain a younger and more elastic skin, but also to face daily life with more energy and concentration and to purify ourselves of toxins.

Unfortunately, drinking the right amount of water can be difficult, especially in winter, considering that we should drink even when we don't feel thirsty! There is a remedy for this problem, and it's very simple: we should always have a bottle with us. d "water. That's why we have selected these 4 bottles (plus a colorful travel mug!) which with their attractive design and useful functions will help you remember to drink!

Detox infuser bottle: perfect for the gym!

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What's the number 1 excuse of all people who don't drink enough water and have to deal with fatigue and water retention? The taste, of course. Water is often replaced by tastier drinks such as tea, coffee and sugary drinks, but we know that it is not exactly the best of health ... With this bottle equipped with an infuser the problem is solved: you can avoid the lack of flavor of the "water by adding chopped fruit or aromatic herbs! This model includes a cleaning brush and a leak-proof cap, and doubles as a handy shaker for your gym protein shakes.

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Insulated bottle: maintains the temperature for 12 hours!


Drinking water yes, but with elegance! These bottles of Chilly "s have an irresistible design and dozens of customizable graphics. One of the secrets to drinking more throughout the day is having an aesthetically pleasing bottle with you that catches our attention! In addition to being beautiful to look at, these Stainless steel bottles have a leak proof seal and can carry both hot and cold liquids while maintaining the temperature for 12 hours. D "winter hot tea, d" summer cold tea: what more could you want?

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Are you a traveler? This filter bottle is for you!


For budding adventurers, this filter bottle is a must have! Thanks to its active carbon filter it purifies the water and makes it drinkable, removing 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa. It is perfect for camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity in the middle of nature. The filter does not require any battery, can be used for 1000 liters of water and can be easily replaced. In short, if you like to travel and want to pay attention to both your hydration and plastic consumption, this bottle is right for you. !

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Collapsible bottle: you can store it wherever you want!


If you like to travel light, or you never have enough space for a bottle in your bag, we have the solution for you: a collapsible bottle! Made of BPA-free silicone, this bottle wraps around itself to minimize space and can be stored anywhere. In addition to being small and practical, it weighs just 98 grams empty and withstands temperatures up to 100 ° C! It also has a carabiner, so you can clip it to your backpack to always carry it with you and take it out as soon as you have a hint of thirst.

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Travel mug: ecological and trendy!


If you can't start the day without your dose of caffeine or theine, this travel mug is perfect for you. We are sure it will further stimulate your desire to stop in the cafeteria! In addition to having an adorable and colorful design, it is made of ecological bamboo and silicone, therefore it is very light, with low environmental impact, and can be safely washed in the dishwasher. Not only that: with these travel mugs you can get a discount at the checkout when you buy your long coffee, because it allows you not to waste disposable plastic! In addition, the purchase of an Ecoffee Cup goes to finance fair trade agriculture in coffee producing countries. One more reason to have it!

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