How to furnish your home: practical tips for every type of home

You know, one of the main problems when you change your home is: how to furnish it? Color of the walls, floors, bathroom, bedroom, hall, furniture, plants ... Too many things to think about, but keep calm! We have collected our tips on how to furnish your home, to give you a hand in this arduous undertaking. If your new home has any flaws, such as a not particularly large surface, or is located in a particular location, such as a seaside or mountain environment, you are in the right place. Thanks to this little guide you can, in fact, get an idea on how to furnish your home and dedicate a little more time to what you are passionate about, such as ...

How to furnish a small house: focus on space-saving solutions!

Are you moving, but the house you have chosen is not particularly large? Don't panic! Bet everything on space-saving solutions and furniture. These small precautions will allow you to furnish your new nest, without sacrificing personal taste.
First of all, to furnish a house that does not offer an extended size, it is important to evaluate the extension in height: playing on several levels, in fact, allows to reduce the footprint on the floor, thus increasing the space available. Green light to the loft beds, under which it is possible to obtain a practical study corner, and to the custom-made wardrobes around the bedroom door, in such a way as to exploit a generally bare wall. In this case you can reach the top of your wardrobe by means of a ladder, practical and very impressive!

The same principle of height also applies to the bathroom: use the walls of the bathroom to arrange the shelves that house your beauty products and toiletry necessities, placing what you use most often at the bottom, for easier access. , invest in the purchase of wicker baskets in which to store the linen: thanks to their minimal and elegant design they are perfect to be left exposed!
For environments such as the dining room and the kitchen, choose folding chairs and tables, which will allow you to save space for solo dinners, but will be able to accommodate guests if necessary.

Finally, consider some small tricks that will optically enlarge the rooms, such as white walls and furniture and mirrors of various sizes attached to the walls.
Pro tip: if you don't want to give up a touch of green in your den, but the plants take up too much space, once again the shelves will come to your aid! Attach them to the sides of the windows, always displacing them in height, and place all the jars you want on top; in this way you will not give up your love for nature and the plants will always be close to a source of natural light.

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Pastel colors are ideal for decorating a beach house

The beach house is a safe haven in which to go to escape the frenzy of the daily routine, for this reason it needs furnishings that inspire tranquility and relaxation. And what better colors to relax the spirit (and the sight), if not the pastel shades? From the traditional blue, typical of marine contexts, to green, fresh and delicate, up to lilac, sophisticated and very chic, you are spoiled for choice. Certainly these colors are perfect combined with white, which optically expands the spaces and keeps them cooler. the rooms; if you have opted for colored walls, then, choose the white furniture and vice versa.

In addition, you can consider adding some details in raw wood to furnish your beach house, giving the environment a very refined touch; you can use this material, for example, for bathroom shelves. Attention, however: wood is subject to wear caused by moisture, so make sure it is treated correctly! Another material similar to the sea is, of course, the fisherman's rope: use it in a completely imaginative way instead of curtain rods!

As for the common areas, such as the dining room, you can amaze your guests by opting for typical bathing establishment objects, such as deckchairs and sun loungers, enriched with very soft colored cushions ... Perfect if you want to feel at the beach even at home.
Green light to decorations (even do-it-yourself) with a sea theme, such as wind chimes made up of shells, or starfish on the walls!

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How to furnish a house in the mountains: tips for a warm and welcoming refuge

The house in the mountains is a gem that lovers of high altitude cannot give up, which is why we decided to dispense some tips on how to furnish it!
The first thing to consider when wondering about how to furnish a house in the mountains is certainly the heat: it is necessary, in fact, to prevent the cold from outside spreading also inside the house. Of course, you do not have the possibility to work on the walls and the physical structure of the building, but there are some small tricks that may come in handy. First of all, wood will be your best friend: perfect for keeping rooms warm, wood blends perfectly with the context of the mountain house and can be used both for the floor, for the ceiling, and (for real mountain addicted) for the walls. Also, consider adding a stove or fireplace to your home which, in addition to warming you, will create a welcoming and familiar environment.

The watchword for furnishing your home in the mountains is only one: comfort! For this reason we advise you to invest in a comfortable and spacious sofa, with leather upholstery, elegant and very warm in the colder months. And to add a touch soft and comfy, add lots of soft and furry pillows (strictly eco!).

Finally, if you love snow sports, we recommend that you consider a corner of the house to be used as a "sports equipment storage": in fact, how many times have you returned home after a satisfying day on skis and, once you have crossed the threshold, have you noticed that between skis, boots, après-ski, sticks, overalls, etc. you were dripping all over the house, with the consequence of having to clean everything as well as risking to ruin the floor? If, on the other hand, at the entrance you place a practical ski rack and a mute servo or a hanger on which to hang wet clothes, you will solve both these problems and the next day you will have everything ready and dry to fly back to the slopes!

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How to furnish a country house between nature and tradition

What do you think of the word campaign? Certainly a mix of sun, heat, blue sky, unspoiled nature, flowers ... A set of elements that, precisely because they characterize the rural context, are an excellent starting point for decorating your country cottage!

Let's start with the colors of the walls: to try to make all the rooms warm and familiar, we advise you to opt for a delicate shade of yellow, not excessively gaudy but less common than the usual white; an interesting variation is represented by the light green which, with its reference to nature, is perfect for establishing a feeling of continuity between the inside of the house and the outside.
As for the floor, on the other hand, you can opt for a parquet or a stone floor, both rustic but still impressive.

Let's now pass to the furniture: the furniture of a country house must certainly be functional and not excessively sumptuous, in line with the simplicity of the setting. Certainly poor art furniture is ideal, both for its traditional style and for the feeling of familiarity they evoke. To avoid the unpleasant "grandparents' house" effect, you can make the furniture more refined with blown glass ornaments. like vases of different colors, shapes and sizes; you can also give an extra touch of color and freshness by adding wildflowers collected during walks in the open air! Likewise, don't forget to add a few plants here and there: a natural imprint will make your country house fresh and welcoming.

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You have decided how to furnish your home, but ...

You've finally decided how to decorate your home, bought the furniture, painted the walls and fixed everything! But now the problem is another: your children keep messing up your love nest. Don't worry, we have the solution to this too!

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