The menstrual cycle can be as painful as a heart attack, science says

No one ever talks about menstruation, apart from advertisements that paint women with periods as if they were evil beings capable of blowing anyone's nerves because, according to them, our nerves jumped on day 1, when we got up. out of bed and we realized that this day will be a little more difficult than the others.

How menstrual pains are perceived

Some define the pains of the period as an army of gnomes ready to tear us apart from the inside, others seem to have been punched in the kidneys and, still others, try incredible yoga positions, or rely on orgasms, to combat suffering. : Science has come to their aid by saying that menstrual pain can be as painful as a heart attack.

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The cycle is natural and it hurts, but what angers is that everyone is treating this subject with pliers, as if the world had been left in the wrong century when all the typically female diseases were branded as "hysteria".

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Research on the menstrual cycle

John Guillebauld, professor of "reproductive health" at University College London, recently stated that the opposite sex had experienced them, most likely the research on this would be much further than it is today, when everything seems to be solved with a tablet of ibuprofen.

The basic problem is that women's suffering is downgraded to men's suffering. In the case of abdominal pain, a man waits 49 minutes before they are treated as abdominal pain while a woman will wait for 65 minutes because it will seem less important.
Women, in fact, considered "hysterical" by nature, are hardly taken seriously.

Despite this small acknowledgment it seems that, for a while longer, we should continue to behave like the superheroines we are and without most people knowing it, doing all the daily actions with the addition of an unpleasant, and necessary, natural condition.

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