He's deaf and this Starbucks cashier made the sweetest gesture ever

Ibby is a guy like any other and, like everyone in America, he usually goes to Starbucks, the famous chain of coffee shops. One day, during the order, the cashier brought him this note making him the happiest boy ever.

I'm learning sign language so you can feel what others are feeling

I love this place. The Starbucks cashier gave me this note and she knows I'm deaf. I was really surprised that she is learning sign language as I go to Starbucks three times a week. He asked me "what do you want to drink" using sign language. I am really lucky. I think he realized there are a lot of deaf kids here. Please share this post. I want the hearing community to support the deaf community

The small gestures, after all, are the ones that give the greatest joys.

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