The 5 best hair dryers on the market and where to buy them

If you are wondering why investing money in a quality hairdryer, we will explain some reasons that will help you understand why the choice of model and brand can help you go beyond just drying your hair. A good hair dryer can help you protect and make your hair healthier.

We all know that the hair dryer is an indispensable product, mainly in winter and even, the hair dryer is one of the most important accessories to choose if you want to provide further protection to your hair. The heat in contact with our hair is rather aggressive, but now on the market there are an infinity of modern hairdryers with professional technology that prevents burns and protects the hair.

That's why we did a thorough research of the best hair dryers on the market. On this list you will find 6 of the most powerful, technological and at special prices!

1. Philips DryCare Advanced ThermoProtect: the best seller

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This hair dryer is one of the best and best selling hair dryers on Amazon: it has more than 900 positive reviews and a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Here are the main features:

  • Ionic Care technology that help eliminate static electricity and soften the hair to intensify their shine and prevent frizz.
  • 2200 W of power.
  • ThermoProtect temperature regulation that guarantees a controlled, constant temperature with a flow of air that allows you to dry your hair quickly without the risk of burning it.
  • cold air jet with a button that is used to fix the hairstyle.
  • two vents: diffuser and thin.

Buy on Amazon for € 23 (34% discount)

2. AEG FOEN: The professional quality model


This professional hair dryer stands out because in addition to the benefits it provides to your hair, this is an ECO-save model: it saves energy without compromising power for a soft and low-consumption drying.
Among the main features are:

  • Ionic technology, for a soft natural hairstyle with an antistatic effect
  • It has 2200W of power.
  • 3 temperature levels and 2 speeds.
  • Overheating protection and cold air button to fix the hairstyle.
  • It has two vents: diffuser and thin.

Buy on Amazon for € 39.24

3. Philips Thermoprotect: Adjustable speed and temperature


Among its main qualities, the Philips hair dryer offers quick drying without damaging the hair, because it has a technology that prevents overheating and automatically controls the temperature.
It also has other properties such as:

  • It has 2100W of power.
  • In addition to the automatic temperature button, it has six flexible speed and temperature positions for complete control of the appliance and the cold air button.

Buy on Amazon for € 15.49 (38% discount)

4. Rowenta Premium Care Pro: the most powerful and protects the hair the most


This hairdryer is particularly attentive to the protection of your hair, because it has an exclusive coating of Cashmere Keratin and Argan oil that makes your hair brighter and more manageable every time you use it. It stands out because:

  • It has a power of 2400 W (the most powerful of the 6)
  • Reduces hair dehydration by up to 25% compared to normal full power drying.
  • It has a button called Respect to automatically set the optimum temperature and speed to dry your hair without damaging it.
  • Also it is ionized to prevent frizz and cold air function.

Buy on Amazon for € 34.56

5. GHD Air kit - The kit everyone needs!


GHD is a prestigious and well known brand in the hair care industry - We recommend this fantastic kit which includes: hairdryer, sheath, hair clip, hairbrush, narrow nozzle and diffuser.
The GHD dryer is equipped with a 2100 W professional electric motor and advanced ion technology.

Buy on Amazon for € 148.90

6. Remington D7777


It is true that everyone wants the super-technological Dyson hairdryer, but considering that the model costs more than € 400, few can afford it. We recommend the Remington D7777 model which offers:

  • precise and homogeneous 3D air flow for optimal drying
  • ion generator - releases negative ions to eliminate frizzy hair
  • Compact and lightweight design for maximum comfort and control as well as practical to carry around
  • 3 temperatures / 2 speeds with led indicator
  • Blow of cold air to fix the style
  • 1 Diffuser and 2 7 and 11mm concentrators included
  • 3m cable

Buy on Amazon for € 84.93 (53% discount) <

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