Fat hair? How to improve them in 5 steps

Believe us, oily hair is actually a real privilege! It is much easier to reduce the oiliness of oily hair and keep your hair clean for longer than effectively nourishing dry hair.

Usually, the scalp produces more sebum when it senses that the scalp is dehydrated, with the aim of nourishing it. But when we feel we have oily hair, our first reaction is to wash it with a degreasing shampoo, right? it will be just the opposite of what we expect: hair that is always dirty, lifeless and damaged by the chemistry of hair products.

But don't worry! Keeping oily hair in check is easy. Find out in this article 5 simple steps to treat oily hair to keep it shiny and clean for longer.

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1. Wash oily hair with warm water

Oily hair needs careful and delicate cleaning: water that is too hot can be very aggressive on the hair and scalp, stimulating the production of sebum even more. Of course, during the winter it is difficult to wash the hair with water. cold, but you need to be so extreme ... Just use lukewarm water when shampooing.

Distribute the shampoo between the strands and gently massage the scalp. This way you will stimulate the sebaceous glands.

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2. Wash your hair with an oily hair shampoo

A degreasing shampoo is useful for resolving sebum peaks. But we have to be careful: there are tons of different options, but few are really efficient. Choose a gentle product that cleans and purifies the scalp without further dehydrating it. For example, we recommend the Collistar purifying shampoo, which is now available on Amazon with a 26% discount.

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3. Try treating your hair with clay

Healing clay products can help keep oily hair in check. Just mix the healing clay with a little water to create a slightly liquid paste, which you will then spread on the scalp and leave to act between 10 and 20 minutes. Repeat this action once a week to cleanse and control the fat production of your hair.

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4. Take the time to give your scalp a short massage

It is useful to remember that it is absolutely not recommended to wash your hair more than 3 times a week, because the excess of hot water and chemicals damage the hair even more. We therefore recommend that you create a beauty routine two or three times a week to take care of your scalp, washing it with a mild shampoo and massaging it gently to remove accumulated residues and dirt. And then, once a week, we recommend that you treat them with clay and moisturize them with a nourishing conditioner.

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5. Use a dry shampoo for extra freshness

Sometimes it is normal for your hair to get dirty faster. If you want to avoid washing them, a dry shampoo is the ideal solution to clean them quickly without using soap. The dry shampoo powder absorbs sebum and impurities without stressing the sebaceous glands in the scalp. Just spray a little of the product on your hair and massage it lightly with your fingers. Choose the product according to the shade of your hair: there are dry shampoos suitable for dark hair and others for light hair.

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