Short hair 2016: parade bob and jaunty look for Paola Barale

We have to admit it: when it comes to hair trends, Paola Barale is never wrong. Always taken as an example and model for her cool short cuts, once again the former TV parsley has chosen well, opting for a jaunty and very runway short cut, perfectly in line with the hair trends of spring summer 2016.

If the most popular haircuts of this 2016 are bob and long bob, chosen for example by Cristina Chiabotto, who sports a very trendy and irregular bob, or by Filippa Lagerback - her long wavy bob makes her very refined! - Paola, as a nonconformist and a lover of novelty as she is, has decided to introduce a bit of panache and personality, revolutionizing the classic lob, the average cut par excellence. Yes, because, at even lengths and full and regulated volumes, loved by Filippa for example, he preferred lightness and movement.

Paola Barale and the hair trends 2016: how to lighten a classic bob with layers and tufts for a short glam cut

The short cut chosen by Paola is a flared and trendy bob lightened thanks to important scaling and cheeky tufts. Slightly shortened at the sides and with a long fringe that lets it fall on the face, this cut is confirmed as one of the most glamorous and fashionable looks of this 2016, which undoubtedly rewards short hair - from bobs to pixie cuts and boysh cuts, chosen for example from Micaela Ramazzotti, Malika Ayane and Alessandra Amoroso.

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Obviously it could not end here: Paola has chosen to make everything even more original with pink tufts, not too excessive, which give her a touch of fashion, which she actually hasn't always been able to give up. After all, pink is undoubtedly the most fashionable hair color of 2016, see for example the trends of rose gold and rose quartz, which have driven trendsetters from all over the world crazy. In short, Paola, you have hit the target this time too: congratulations!

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