The best vacuum cleaners and accessories for pet hair

In life you always have the certainty of receiving love from two sources: your mom and your four-legged friend. From melancholy to joy, they are always with you, ready to keep you company and give you affection. Even your cat, who you think if he's always secretly planning to kill you while you sleep, gives in to your search for love when you need it.

Our animal friends are a small (sometimes large) package of happiness, but their hair is not included in this equation. Since some breeds shed hair every day, it is not enough to have a powerful vacuum cleaner: we need to equip ourselves intelligently.

We have created for you a list of vacuum cleaners and other tools and accessories available on Amazon for stress-free and effective cleaning of the residues of your furry companions.

1. ZACO robot vacuum cleaner

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This robot vacuum cleaner has excellent reviews on Amazon and is certainly the best choice for those who do not have time during the week to clean their house well: it has a battery life of 120 minutes, with automatic charging and 4 cleaning modes.It is perfect because it has a design made for the suction of the hairs and it is suitable for different types of floors and carpets.

Buy for € 139.99

2. Rowenta Compact Animal Care vacuum cleaner


We have already recommended Rowenta brand products several times for their quality / price ratio. This vacuum cleaner, however, is a version dedicated to animal hair: its accessories improve suction performance and its sponge filter guarantees filtration of 99.98% of dirt (perfect for allergy sufferers).

Buy for € 84.48

3. Dirt Devil: Special accessory for pet hair


If you are already satisfied with your vacuum cleaner and are only interested in purchasing a specific accessory for the suction of hair, this Dirt Devil brush is the ideal product: it has a specific mini turbo brush to collect even the thinnest and shortest hairs and its small dimensions allow a more precise cleaning of the fabrics of sofas and armchairs.

Buy on Amazon for € 19.95

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser: Portable hand vacuum cleaner for animal hair


This is not only one of Amazon users' favorite vacuum cleaners, it is also our favorite. The Bissel hand vacuum cleaner is totally suitable for vacuuming hair: it has a motorized brush dedicated to hair, it is very light (weighs only 1.36 kg), it is easy to empty and clean and it has a battery power of 15 minutes.

Buy on Amazon for € 59.99

5. Severin bagless electric broom: special carPET handheld vacuum cleaner


The cordless electric broom is a great ally for a perfect floor cleaning. This Severin 2-in-1 model can be used in portrait mode (for house cleaning) and compact mode (for cars, sofas and armchairs). It has a battery life of 30 minutes at maximum power and its brush has specific bristles to collect hair.

On offer on Amazon at € 118.99

6. OFKPO portable vacuum cleaner: for practical and quick hair cleaning


Let's say you went on a road trip with friends and your dog came with you. How to quickly clean car seats full of hair? The OFKPO portable vacuum cleaner is the solution. Since it is very light (weighs only 259g), you can easily carry it in your bag or suitcase and replace the usual lint rollers, so it is also an ecological choice.

Buy on Amazon for € 14 <

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