Furnish with greenery

A "natural" color

In the collective imagination, green is the color of nature and its countless shades make us think of natural and everyday elements such as plants, the underwater world, fruit and vegetables! Unconsciously, green therefore also becomes synonymous with life, renewal and harmony… it is considered a positive color, capable of conferring peace and conviviality to an environment.

A summer color

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To give a fresh and summery touch to the furniture, take advantage of all shades of green! Lightweight and easy to use, this color looks good anywhere.

With the anise green walls, the kitchen will look even cleaner and stimulate your imagination when you find yourself in front of the stove! In the garden, replace traditional pots with green pots.

Warning: before painting the walls of the living room green, think of the long winter evenings ... this particularly summery color risks getting tired once the hot season is over.

A retro color

If the main shades of green are synonymous with vitality, nature and freshness, pastel green, bottle green and olive green give a nostalgic and retro touch particularly suitable for environments that require a certain calm, such as the bathroom or bedrooms.

Green in the office

In recent years, companies that want to give a dynamic and convivial image have focused on the total green look to furnish their offices. In these cases, green gives an ecological note to the whole and is considered as a color that stimulates productivity and at the same time calms the spirits.

To give your office a certain dynamism, choose an anise green or a lime green. If the "futuristic" effect doesn't scare you, why not even try an electric green?

Dark green

If light green tints are full of positive meanings, the same cannot be said of dark green, a strong and rather dark tint that must be used with skill in a small or dimly lit environment. Pine green is particularly appreciated for its elegance and originality: in a living room or bedroom it creates a very chic atmosphere, but in order not to be suffocating you have to associate it with light materials and bright colors: white, light gray, silver, glass…

The cunning: to give brightness to a dark green room, it abounds with mirrors, which will also give volume to the space. Play well with light sources: for intimate evenings, use soft lighting but also get powerful lamps, to avoid saddening the room.

Green and nature

If with colors it is better to avoid the "total look", with green there is no fear! To accentuate the feeling of being immersed in nature, sprinkle the room with green plants, colorful bouquets and flower stickers.

Green and other colors

Light green and dark green, anise green and aqua green… among the various shades of green, everything is allowed, but what are the right combinations with the other colors? Pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, blue… combined with green, the bright colors help to give a casual and casual effect to a room, it's up to you to find the right balance. Combined with gray or cream, green becomes sober and elegant while together with white it creates a calm and relaxing environment, suitable for the bathroom or living room.

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