Light up and make your home more elegant with coral color!

Are you sick of the winter gray? Shop windows, furniture, even the sky: gray is everywhere!
We have found the perfect ally to help you fight the greyness of winter: the Pantone Institute has chosen the fashion color of 2019 and it is truly a breath of fresh air this season. Its name is "Living Coral" or coral !

Vibrant coral, which contains shades of red, pink, orange and gold, lends itself perfectly to dispelling the winter blues from your home!

If used in a targeted way, it is possible to overturn an "entire room with a small detail of this color, which immediately creates an" inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Still have no idea how to combine this bright color in your home?
No problem, here are all our suggestions!

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A touch of light in your living room

Would you like to modernize your living room but don't have a high budget at the moment? Just change the curtains or the cushions of your sofa, obviously choosing coral! The result will be fresh and welcoming at the same time. We particularly like the color combined with turquoise and marine motifs: a real eye-catcher in any living room.


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Dare in the bedroom

There is nothing more important than a good, restful sleep.
You get the best rest only when you feel really comfortable in the bedroom. A cozy bed and soft colors on the walls are always a winning combination!
For an extra touch of style, you can add colorful pillows, a blanket or a jewelry box for a super glam effect.
For a classy bedroom, dare with coral, combining it with gold!

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Bring the trend to the kitchen too

Even in the kitchen, the trendy color makes everything more stylish. Whether it's a sleek designer kettle or a coral-colored porcelain mug, with a bit of color, the room looks a lot friendlier.
Give the right liveliness to your mornings, during breakfast, before plunging out into the winter frost!

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