The new generations are those of anxiety, and they are right.

It is not new that the rhythms of today's society are an additional reason for stress, fatigue and anxiety. But apparently, for the generations born between the end of the 1900s and the beginning of the new millennium, things are slightly more complicated ...
In fact, it would not be only the rhythms to be a problem, but a series of causes that would make the life of the new generations - now known as the Y generations - the most anxious life ever.
Let's find out why and, in the meantime, here's something that's good for anxiety and is completely natural:

1. Little space to emerge in society

It is not the usual story told to justify oneself, it is a fact: for young people the possibility of leaving the house, finding a job and building a family unit in the times and in the ways in which the previous generation did everything has almost completely disappeared. this. The delay in entering the world of work forces us to make different choices, which do not satisfy and reassure neither parents nor children.
The consequence of this prolonged adolescence? One feels unable to affect reality and create an "identity. Realizing oneself is slightly more difficult, especially because around us we continue to talk about the problem itself. On the other hand, today there is a brilliant alternative: the world of the web, a virtual world. which, however, is increasingly part of our reality.
This, however, involves a new discomfort: the web is real only for those who have intuited, for those who have the ability to exploit its possibilities. In general, we continue to spread the idea that the web grants incredible opportunities, as if it were our only option, and this triggers depression and anxiety in those who, on the other hand, cannot seize these opportunities.

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2. Having an "image up to the level" of social media

At least, however, there is an "alternative image to the one that the company itself proposes of these generations Y; it is the social one, in which you can be whoever you want. Unfortunately it is not so simple: not only are social networks to insist on an" image standard to be approved - which creates many inconveniences - but, moreover, on social networks there is no possibility of control but there is the urge to always want to control everything.
If there is no longer the solidity to build an identity, then it is built on social media. But this, instead of guaranteeing greater stability and security, makes reality even more destabilizing and stressful.

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3. The bombardment of news from the web

The speed and the assiduity in the bombardment of news, the real-time updating of every fact, the lack of control of the information transmitted (see the quantity of fake news), are all anxious factors. The feeling of uncertainty, of the impossibility of managing one's life, the global situation certainly contributes: the terrorism alarm has not simplified things, reinforcing the feeling of never being completely safe and protected.

4. What are the possible solutions?

If in the US the new pathology is fought with benzodiazepines, on which a new movement is forming based on the sharing of one's experiences and which is recognized with the hashtag #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike, in Europe one thinks of how to calm the anxieties and doubts of these In addition to analytic therapy, there are several remedies for learning how to manage stress and anxiety. Being aware of today's tools and of the strong social (digital) revolution that we all find ourselves experiencing is a good start to face everyday life with greater serenity, trying to be positive and without being overwhelmed by panic.

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A good remedy for stress, fatigue and anxiety is to have a healthy diet. See what would be best to eat to keep fit and active:

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