These 4 inexpensive items can be worn before, during and after pregnancy

Maternity clothing is the salvation for pregnant women who want to feel comfortable during pregnancy without giving up their personal style. But, even if renewing the entire wardrobe for the pregnant woman is a fun thing, probably not all new mothers have a Large budget available for their clothing. With a little strategy and creativity, however, you can overcome all obstacles: welcome elegant and stylish fashion items that can be worn before, during and after pregnancy!

How to choose the most suitable dress for me?

It is important to choose items that can be combined with models that you already have available in your closet, so you are sure that they will be consistent with your style and able to enhance your shapes in this moment of change. It will also be helpful to consider the colors that best match your skin type to make your face even brighter! From oversized sweaters to skirts, in this article you will find our advice on which items will make you even more beautiful in this special moment!

Here are our 4 favorite items: happy conscious shopping!

1. Long high-waisted skirt

Basically, almost any high-waisted garment is perfect as maternity wear. They are a pretty safe choice because the high waist never goes out of style! But pay attention to the materials: it is important to select only garments made of soft, resistant and very elastic fabric. A high-waisted stiff denim skirt, for example, quickly becomes uncomfortable, impossible to wear once the belly begins to grow.

We have selected this Meraki high-waisted maxi skirt with slit made of 95% Modal, 5% Elastane knit. This model is very soft and extremely comfortable even for those who are already in an advanced state of pregnancy. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and is available in different fashion colors such as bright red or more classic ones such as black or navy. Try combining it with sneakers or low boots!

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2. Knitted turtleneck dress

Classic and very elegant, the knitted turtleneck dresses are evergreens that look good in different situations. Aside from the fact that they always keep you warm and comfortable, the turtleneck combined with prominent earrings and gathered hair is an extremely modern and stylish combination.

The knitted dress is also an extremely practical item, especially in advanced pregnancies or in moments of greater fatigue, because it is a unique piece and can be easily worn with jackets or coats. It is therefore an absolute must-have to keep in the wardrobe. , because it will solve the problem of choosing the outfit many times and not only during pregnancy: dress in sweater, shoes, jacket and voila - you will have a cool look with a minimum of effort.

We found this beautiful Dolce Vita dress by Find on Amazon made of 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane knit. It is light, extremely comfortable and is a very elegant choice for any occasion. And the price? A bargain: only € 22! And it is also available in other winter colors such as green and light gray.

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3. Oversized sweater

The oversized trend has already become a classic in any fashionista's wardrobe - and that's a good thing! Mainly because oversize models are not only very comfortable but also a way to keep you warm and in step with fashion during pregnancy.

Attention: an oversized sweater does not necessarily guarantee comfort! Again, you need to make sure that the fabric is not too stiff and mainly that it does not itch - your skin is already sensitive enough at this stage. Loose viscose sweaters with a boat neckline are the perfect choice in this case.

Model Anna Smith is versatile because it can be worn as a sweater or as a dress: its bateau neckline can be worn mid-shoulder adding a sexy touch to your look. Made of 70% viscose, 20% modal, 10% polyester knit, this is an ideal model to be worn both before and after pregnancy.

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4. Peplum blouse

Another perfect choice of maternity dresses that can be worn even after pregnancy are the peplum style models: romantic and modern, these tops are usually long and a little looser on the tummy, so you can wear them at any time of pregnancy. Try pairing them with sportier knit pants to create a super bold and fun sport-chic look.

We found a super deal on Amazon: this peplum top from renowned American brand Tommy Hilfiger is discounted by 62% and is made of a cotton, polyester and viscose blend knit. Ideal for those who are pregnant and prefer to invest in a quality evergreen that can then be worn even after pregnancy!


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