How to organize a low-cost wedding: the 10 golden rules

Finally, the day you dream of since childhood is approaching! Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life and it is right to celebrate it as it deserves! But if you and your other half don't have a big budget, you have nothing to fear! There is a way to save thousands of euros, without the risk of organizing a mediocre and visibly cheap party.
First of all you will limit waste, a real shame given the quality of the food and decorations chosen. Choosing the right quantities will save you half the costs.

Don't forget, too, that the word "wedding" has the magical power to drive up the prices of anything! From hairdressing to music, you'd be surprised to find that the same service costs half as much if you don't talk to the suppliers about weddings!

There are, of course, some things you just can't save on or you will immediately give an unpleasant feeling of neglect to your guests, but by saving on the superfluous, you can reinvest that money for all those aspects of the reception on which you absolutely cannot economize!

Here are our 10 golden rules for organizing the perfect low cost wedding!

1. Make a list of your priorities

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First of all you have to sit down with the person you are about to marry and evaluate all the aspects that you will need to take care of.
What are the items you can save on?
On the other hand, which ones are you willing to spend the most on?

For each aspect, designate a budget and be careful not to overstep!
Start with the number of guests. Of course, thinking about inviting fewer people to save is not a kind thought.
Rather, think about the people you really care about, the ones that, even if you don't see often, are your closest people.
If you live and marry far from the place where you grew up, the selection will probably happen spontaneously. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to participate in an out-of-town wedding. But if you only invite the most important people, you can be sure they'll jump through hoops to be there!

Do you dream of a princess dress? Look for a compromise!

We know, there are few chances to wear an incredible dress, perhaps from your favorite designer. And if not at your wedding, when?
You have all our understanding! But also consider that you could spend thousands of euros for a dress that you will wear only once in your life and a true fashionista knows that she could allocate the same budget to an it bag that she can show off all her life with pride!
Not to mention that today you have countless alternatives, such as outlets and why not, online stores!
You could find the dress of your dreams at an affordable price and by ordering it well in advance, you would have plenty of time to return or modify it, without the risk of losing your money.

Also remember that the real protagonist of that day is the love of two people who decide to spend their lives together, surrounded by the affection of their loved ones.

2. Start by saving on equity investments

Here is the first step in which you will only need a little time, patience and a lot of imagination, which will allow you to save a few hundred euros.
We're talking about invitations! Are needed? Absolutely, so abandon forever the idea of ​​inviting your guests by creating an event on Facebook or a Whatsapp group.

Participations define the type of invitation. Usually there is a main card indicating the place of the ceremony (religious or civil) and a smaller card indicating the address of the reception, you can also include the business card of the travel agency or shop where you have possibly open a wedding list.
In this way you can invite your loved ones to the reception and to the ceremony (or to the cutting of the cake) distant relatives, acquaintances, work colleagues.

If you have beautiful handwriting, then, don't hesitate to create your own invitations! Enough precious and expensive paper, lace, laces and improbable doodles. Choose plain paper and cardstock, a bit of string or raffia and lots of imagination.

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3. The date affects the costs!

We know that getting married on Saturdays, in spring or in summer is much more comfortable because it rains less often, temperatures are pleasant and relatives and friends are freer.
But also know that the period from May to September, being the most popular, is the most expensive!
Not to mention that getting married in August could not only be a devastating experience due to the infernal heat, but it is the period when most people are on vacation and your event would risk blowing up the only week of your loved ones' vacation. .
If you really want to get married in the height of summer, we recommend that you choose an evening ceremony: you will save on the banquet, which is usually shorter and the temperature will certainly be more bearable!

4. Focus on natural beauty


As soon as you name the wedding, the price of anything doubles. The same goes for make-up and hair and the hairdresser, to justify such a high figure, will offer you a thousand very elaborate hairstyles, real scaffolding on your head, not to mention the layers of putty and the kilometric false eyelashes that the make-up artist will want to glue you. on the eyes.
But your soul mate knows exactly how you look without makeup and disheveled and that's the person she chose to marry!
That's why a simple styling or a bun (perhaps with some rebellious tuft) will be the perfect frame for your face, on such a special day.

For the make-up you have to consider that you will be literally "in the spotlight" all day and that excessive make-up, when it melts, has only a disastrous effect. Focus on a simple, light make-up, get help from a "beauty lover friend by offering to buy what you need together, she can only accept! And remember to take care of your skin and teeth before the big day: a bright face and a perfect smile. they are all you need.

5. The right shoes at an affordable price


Of course, you can't save money on shoes: you need quality shoes for a bride who has to stand all day! But instead of buying a pair of very white shoes that you will no longer be able to match so easily and that 90% will get irreversibly dirty, how about buying a model that you can use more often? Designer, nude, colored, jewel: the important thing is that they are very comfortable!

6. Flowers and decorations: not always necessary

The decisive choice that will allow you to save on much more is the choice of location.
If you get married outdoors, for example, on the beach or in a beautiful garden, fruit trees and flowers in the bushes, or the sunset over the sea, will be your natural and wonderful decoration.
If you get married in the fall, for example, a carpet of yellow and red leaves will be the touch that will define the country chic style of your wedding.
In winter, however, especially during the Christmas period, most of the restaurants and reception rooms will already be beautifully decorated for the holidays.

7. Trust the professionals of the sector

Save money with an extra expense? Exactly.
If you want to save money but have neither the time nor the patience to organize your wedding, entrust yourself to a person who does it for a living. A wedding planner, an event organizer, in short, someone who knows exactly how and where to save as much as possible.
It also evaluates the wedding themed fairs, present once a year in all the main Italian cities. During these events, in fact, it is much easier to get discounts and promotions from suppliers!

8. Save with DIY wedding favors

Also in this case, you will need some time and creativity! Small useful souvenirs made with your hands that your guests will be happy to receive. You will save hundreds of euros and you will not give away unnecessary knick-knacks that your guests will lock in cupboards , forgetting them forever.

Here are some ideas:

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9. Here's what you absolutely can't save on

We have given you a lot of tips on how to organize your wedding, saving on many aspects of the party.
But there are three things you can't save on or your event will risk being a flop.

The photographer
Entrusting the photos and videos of your wedding day to the skills of relatives and friends is not a good idea.
First of all because you will find yourself having to choose from hundreds of blurry and dark photos, the most decent ones.
Secondly, you may not have all the photos you are looking for and some important moments of the party, they may not have been immortalized.
Rely on a professional to be sure you can relive that day, shot after shot. At most, get the photos delivered, without an album, and create one yourself with your other half. It will be a good time to share together.

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The music
Fun at your wedding must be in abundance!
Choose carefully the band or DJ who will take care of the soundtrack of your special day. By entrusting yourself to an amateur, to save money, you run the risk that the playlist is completely wrong and, consequently, that no one dances!

The food and the wine
We are certainly not talking about quantities, on the contrary! Wasting all that good food just because tradition dictates countless courses, is really a great shame!
What you absolutely cannot be thrifty about is the quality of the food you offer your guests.
Forget the sophisticated dishes with an exotic name: choose typical, tasty, healthy dishes and above all pay attention to the seasonality of the ingredients. Serving strawberries in the middle of winter will not only cost you more but is also harmful to the environment!
Also, choose one less course or prefer the buffet, but don't save on wine: a good label will immediately give the impression of being at a classy event!

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10. Be careful not to overload yourself!

Last rule, but not least: don't overload yourself!
If at some point you feel tired and less enthusiastic about organizing the wedding alone or with your other half, stop! After all, you are a bride and it is right that you and the person you are going to marry arrive at the wedding day fresh and in love and not tired and nervous! Maybe revise your budget or recalculate expenses, but if you feel the burden of responsibility, ask a loved one for help. Organizing your wedding must be enjoyable and must end with an unforgettable party!

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