Here is the story of Wesley, the big dog with the device that warms the heart of America

Molly Moore is the owner of a gorgeous golden retriever named Wesley. The girl lives in Michigan and works at the veterinary clinic of his father, Jim Moore.

When the two realized that something was wrong with Wesley, they decided to intervene.
The puppy, in fact, was unable to completely close his mouth due to a tooth problem and for this he had begun to lose weight and strength.

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When people hear that Dr. Moore is a dentist for dogs, the reaction is like, "WHAT? Does he put braces on dogs too?"
The answer is ... yes, he also puts braces on dogs. Orthodontics for animals certainly does not have an aesthetic purpose but wants to solve health problems.

The photos above went viral immediately and were shared more than 280,000 times.
The doctor claims that the dog will only have to wear the device for a few weeks and that this has no influence on his desire to play or eat, on the contrary: it will only increase them!

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