Palermo, acquitted after harassment of two employees: "It was just a joke"

The former director of the Palermo 1 Revenue Agency groped two colleagues but it seems that this, according to the Palermo court, does not constitute a crime. The sentence was pronounced on November 23, but the reasons have only recently been filed.
Domenico Lipari, 65 years of age, in fact slapped on the ass and caressed another colleague on two different occasions, first by placing a finger on the button of her blouse, near her breast, and then touching her intimate areas.

"Lipari did not derive sexual satisfaction from the acts"

According to the court, Lipari's actions are immoral but not punishable. The man in fact behaved immature but did not harm the freedom of the two colleagues and was not satisfied by the physical contact that took place. The context was also joking and also for this the former director cannot be punished, although the two women at the time weren't kidding at all.

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The prosecutor, together with the civil parties, is considering whether to appeal.

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