Summer makeup 2018: the summer make-up trends you will love!

What do the make-up trends of summer 2018 offer us? Forget all the techniques you have learned up to now, this year's summer make-up is all natural, or rather, fake natural, thanks to the "no make-up make-up look". What does this mean? It means pretending to have woken up already perfect and ready to go out, after having obviously only slept 3 hours. Seriously, this summer trick, in addition to saving us time - the products to use are in fact reduced a lot thanks to this technique - it also allows us to survive the heat without having to melt under endless layers of foundation, bb cream, cc cream, etc. So say yes to natural beauty and no, so to speak, to brushes: finally the real trend is to be ourselves one hundred percent!

Before diving into the products that we are going to use during the sessions of our summer makeup 2018, here are some trends of this year that you may have missed, but which can be very useful.

Eye make-up: the primary colors are those of the sunset!

We just finished saying that natural makeup is the summer trend of 2018, very true, but this doesn't mean that all our palettes have to be thrown out the window, quite the contrary! For this season we are offered warm colors, such as the nuances of the sunset, to accentuate the shadows of the eye without exaggerating with the shades! From pinks to oranges, from soft reds to earthy colors, we can't go wrong and there is no margin. d "mistake, being all perfect shades especially with the tan. The only advice we can give you is to focus on pink eye makeup if you have clear and angelic features, while oranges and browns might give you more if you have dark and magnetic eyes. So brushes in hand and get ready to transform the your gaze in a sun that plunges into the sea!

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Eyebrow makeup: leave them saucy, but at the right point

From Twiggy to Cara Delevigne there was definitely a big change! Eyebrows have in fact, for a couple of years now, been the protagonists of the latest make-up trends. Also in this season they play a fundamental role in giving originality to our eye makeup and expressiveness to our face in general. If you are not a lover of eye shadows, or in any case of color games on the eyelids, betting everything on an important eyebrow make-up could be your trump card! The summer makeup 2018 advises us to leave the brows cheeky, a bit casual, but with their logical attention! Brush them towards the other, after having filled them and made them thicker, and don't forget to fix them well so as not to lose the " effect 'messy", or rather messy, which always saves us in the summer, even with last minute hairstyles. Treat your eyebrows as you will treat your hair and you will see that you will also master this summer trend.

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Face make-up: the secret is to look without make-up

Ok, now take a deep breath and take a moment to take the steps necessary to create the perfect foundation for a real "no make-up make-up look". Already the name itself of the makeup trend for summer 2018 is complicated to understand, let's not talk about the procedure! We assume that the intent is to make our skin look perfect naturally, as if we do not need any kind of correction, but how can we do it? Use a single covering product, both for dark circles and for the rest of the face, the result must be as natural as possible, so even if you see some discoloration or imperfections, don't worry: take the leap to learn to love yourself as you are! Now you just need two more steps. first step is to give the classic "sun kissed" effect with a blush or a bronzer. The colors and the rules of eye make-up apply, so warm shades that go right to accentuate cheekbones and cheeks, a sprinkle and you are almost ready for Why almost? For the more experienced and brave there is a latest trend that you can show off this summer: fake freckles! and, in order to have a fresher and more youthful appearance. Pencil in hand and dot your nose!

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Lip makeup for romantic kisses from summer getaways

Last, but not least, is the summer 2018 lip makeup. Forget all the crazy and unlikely colors that you have seen on the catwalks of this past autumn winter, we will never stop repeating it: natural beauty is the key to summer make-up of this year. Surely what cannot be missing in your beauty-case is a gloss, don't worry, we don't mean one of those hateful lip glosses that were so fashionable in the 2000s, even if that's the effect we want. recreate! Fortunately, make-up brands have marketed comfortable, and not too sticky, glosses with nude colors, perfect for creating a full and plump lip look effortlessly. If, on the other hand, you are a lipstick lover, do not despair: whether you like them with a matte or luminous finish, it doesn't matter, the important thing is that you stay in the same shades of the powders. So give a warm welcome to pink, orange, nude, peach, brownish lipsticks. but above all to the always great classic, the red lipstick!

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Are you even more confused than before?

Don't be put off by the avalanche of information you just read, it's simpler than it sounds! If you need some more ideas, browse this album: you will find the suitable inspiration to create a nude and delicate make-up in line with the summer 2018 makeup trends.

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