5 little tricks that will make every mom's life easier!

All moms know how stressful their life can be. Between careers, children to care for, relationships and possibly a satisfying love life, keeping everything together becomes incredibly difficult! Here you are, then, 5 small tips that will be useful for you to be able to simplify your daily life. Sometimes it takes very little to be able to carry on the commitments of every day with more serenity. Being a mother, we know, is the hardest job in the world ...

1. Take advantage of planning!

Managing the whole family in the best possible way is a business! Mothers know it well: between their work commitments, domestic matters, school and the many needs of the little ones, it is not easy to keep everything together. How then to better organize the time available, which always seems to be too little?

The answer is one: learn to plan. Prepare a calendar or to-do-list in which to write down all the main family commitments. You can use a file on your computer or a slate to hang on the fridge ... choose the system that suits you best! Organize the time for you and your children by dividing it into three broad categories: the one related to work, that for domestic activities and finally that of free time, and remember to mark all the most important activities weekly, from a delivery to the office to the times of your child's swimming pool. This will make it easier to manage all your commitments in the best possible way and, above all, to be able to plan well-deserved moments of relaxation!

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2. Play early!

How many times has it happened to you to be late for work, having to run to pick up the child from the soccer field, get home and find that your fridge is empty? No guilt, it can happen to everyone! A safe way to avoid finding yourself in similar situations (inconveniences happen, as do last minute commitments), try to prepare a weekly menu to stick to.

By deciding in advance which meals of the week will be for you and your family, you will be able to play in advance! First of all, you will only need one large weekly shopping in which to buy everything you need, with a considerable saving of time, but also of money. ! Having a ready-made list allows you to avoid waste. And then even the diet can benefit from it: by deciding in advance what to eat for the whole week you can balance the dishes in the best possible way and eat healthier. of time (Sunday evening, for example?), you can also already cook the dishes that you do not need to consume fresh and that can be well kept in the fridge.

3. Take advantage of Voice Control to become even more multitasking!

You finally manage to carve out a moment of relaxation: the child falls asleep and you can lie down on the sofa to enjoy some television, but with the little one in your arms you can't even change the channel! From today you can help you with Sky Q's Voice Control , a new feature that allows you to choose the program to watch with your voice!

Thanks to SKY Q you can ask the TV directly for the program you are interested in: just ask, for example, the title of the film you would like to watch to see it appear on the screen, or ask SKY Q to change the channel. A small daily revolution, in short, capable of making a difference and really simplifying your life. And if you have no idea what you'd like to watch, just ask, “What's on air tonight?” To be satisfied. With your voice you can pause, restart the program or play it back and forth. all without having to stop cradling your little one in your arms.

4. Decluttering: get rid of the superfluous!

Ever heard of "decluttering"? This term literally means "making room", and must be understood in both a physical and psychological sense. A mother who is surrounded by too many things - objects, clothes, toys and so on and so forth - will feel more gripped by stress and will take three times as long to clean and tidy up.

Then it begins with making space, inside and out. Open your and your children's closet and be honest: what is it that you never put on or that you never put on (and consequently - let's be honest - you will never put on)? And what does your baby, growing so fast, no longer need? The same goes for your toys: which ones do you no longer use? Involve him in this mega-cleansing and teach him respect for things. You can take the newest and cleanest toys together to a collection center or donate them to the most needy, as well as clothes. An "opportunity for mental cleansing, therefore, which also becomes an important lesson for your child and a good deed.

5. Learn to delegate when you can, without feeling guilty!

Nobody can do it all alone, not even you. Immediately free yourself from the sense of guilt if at times you find yourself forced to ask for help and, above all, abandon your delusions of control and the desire to always be perfect. Nobody is, much less no mom! Learn to delegate when you can. You will be the first to live your commitments with less stress and, consequently, to complete them much better. And then, not to be underestimated, you may be able to take some time for yourself, and this is very important!

Obviously the first to turn to is the father of the children, whether he is your husband, partner or not. It is always part of the family! In second place, in the ranking of people to delegate, are the grandparents, who are generally very happy to be able to help. If this is not the case and you find yourself in the position of not having any help from "blood" family members, contact your extended family: friends! Surely you will have a "best friend that your little ones call or will call aunt ... And at worst, always remember that you can turn to professionals, whether it is a nursery or a babysitter. The important thing is not to pretend. the impossible from yourself and always remember that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Being a mother is not easy, just like raising an independent child in such a difficult world is not ... start setting a good example and look at our album about it:

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