Sexuality test: are you a real sex expert or do you need to take repetitions?

Getting to know each other and knowing one's own body, one's desire and one's sexual fantasies, is a must to have a free and complete intimacy. When we eat a little bit of chocolate, we feel guilty about the calories, but what if we focus on its benefits instead? Our point of view would change, as would our approach to that much-loved piece. For example, you know the benefits. sex? You will feel more justified in wanting to do it all the time


Sexuality test: are you a real sex expert?

In short, to enjoy something to the fullest, we must know it thoroughly and know how to make the most of its advantages.
How well do you know the dynamics of pleasure? Can you recognize a mount of venus from a clitoris? Take this test and find out if you are a real sex expert or if you need to immediately take reps to have a serene and ... fiery sex life!

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Regardless of the first result, how does your partner perceive you between the sheets? Take this "other test to find out!"

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