Test: the fruit you choose reveals something about you

What do you think if I tell you fruit? Many will think about wellness, vitamins and goodness. In fact, it is no coincidence that they say "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away": fruit is really good and also lends itself to a countless number of recipes. That's not all: there are so many fruits that it is impossible not to satisfy all tastes.
Speaking of recipes, we invite you to watch this video, because it combines two of the best things in the world, pizza and fruit! Look:

Personality test: the fruit you choose reveals something about you

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As for tastes, there is something for everyone. Fruit satisfies every desire and for this reason we offer you a basket of assorted fruit, it's up to you to choose a fruit and we will tell you something about your personality. So take the test and find out how you are based on the fruit you choose:

Now that you have chosen a fruit, choose a color and find out how you are and what you need now! Take our color quiz and paint your soul:

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