5 reasons to shop online on Ventis.it: our experience

Shopping online can be a real pleasure: you can enjoy shopping comfortably seated (or rather lying on the sofa), choose the products that make us dream and then wait for them to be delivered directly to where we want. A marvel, isn't it? In reality, if we shop on unreliable online sites, the experience could turn out to be a disaster. Reason why we need to inquire and choose the right sites: we have decided to test Ventis.it, an Italian site that offers quality products at low prices. discounted. And the experience was VERY COOL!
We explain in 5 points why you should shop online on Ventis.it.

1) Ventis.it is an Italian site and offers quality products

Among the many existing online shopping sites, Ventis.it has the advantage of being Italian. Which for us, as we know, is synonymous with quality and seriousness. In fact, this site mainly offers Made in Italy products or international excellence. Big brands or local producers fill the sections on the site with exceptional products, namely "Fashion", "Food and Wine" and "Home". The "City" and "Hotel" sections are interesting and different, not common for a classic online shopping site. In the "City" section you can find facilities and services in your area, naturally at super affordable prices. If, on the other hand, you are thinking of a weekend away, in the "Hotel" section you will find many interesting ideas! Take advantage of it!

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2) There are discounts up to 70%

The selection of Ventis.it products is very rich and of quality and the thing that made us dream the most was to discover that there are discounts everywhere, even very important ones (up to 70%). This allows you to buy branded products at excellent, super discounted prices. Here are the products we have bought at super prices:

  • Brazilian leopard Guess: € 9.90 (instead of € 20)
  • transparent black blouse Fracomina: € 19.90 (instead of € 69.90)
  • lipstick 03 scarlet Elizabeth Arden: 19,90 € (instead of 28 €)
  • mini menu with truffles Sant "Agata Feltria truffles: 12.50 (instead of 16 €)

Here are the products we purchased:

3) If you don't like the products, you can return them

Let's say that the product we receive is not what we expected: it doesn't fit us as we thought, we realize that we preferred it in a different color or shape; the person they wanted to give it to is no longer our friend or has been gone for 5 months and the product may expire. No problem! Ventis offers the possibility to make the return, respecting the conditions specified on the site: it must take place within 14 days of receipt of the product and, in the case of experiences, respect the Special Conditions specified in the product description. The refund will be made within 30 working days from the moment in which Ventis receives the request. Et voila!

4) Payments are secure

The site offers the possibility to pay with all credit cards or prepaid cards. Once you have entered the data necessary for the purchase, you will be redirected to a secure payment area by their partner bank, where you can enter your card details. We did this and it was very simple: in less than 5 minutes, the products we wanted they were already in our virtual hands!
The coolest thing of all, however, is that Ventis offers the possibility to request the VentisCard from its BCC branch, a special card that allows you to access many advantages: a welcome voucher of € 60, 5% cashback at the end of every month, dedicated promotions and an exclusive selection of products only for those who own the VentisCard! It is worth taking advantage of it!

5) Customer care is present on various channels

Naturally, the site offers assistance to its customers, who can get in touch with customer care in different ways:

  • by writing to the email address: [email protected]
  • by calling the toll-free number 800 086 530 (Monday-Friday from 9-18 or Saturday 9-13)

We didn't need it, so we don't have many more details about it

In short, rely on a secure site like Ventis.it, which offers quality and super fashionable products, to avoid inconveniences like these:

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In collaboration with Ventis.it

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