5 beneficial properties of red ginseng!

Red ginseng, whose botanical and scientific name is Panax, is a plant with many beneficial properties. Cultivated in North China and, above all, in South Korea, it is rich in saponins, amino acids and stimulating vitamins and offers several benefits for our psycho-physical well-being.

This particular quality of ginseng, which is grown in the mountains, is the most effective and powerful compared to other types of ginseng, as it contains greater quantities of saponin (34 species), the active ingredient responsible for its beneficial properties. In particular, it is precisely in the roots of Korean red ginseng that most of the substances are concentrated, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential oils and enzymes, which represent a concrete help for various aspects of our physical and mental well-being.

So what are its specific benefits? Let's find out immediately below. Here are 5 beneficial properties of red ginseng for our body and mind!

1. Reduces fatigue and stress

One of the main properties of red ginseng is to reduce stress levels, thus giving us a rebalancing effect, both physically and mentally, in order to better deal with fatigue in everyday life. How does he do it? Red ginseng acts directly on the glands that produce the hormones responsible for stress, namely the adrenal, hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

The "set of so-called" ginsenosides "contained in this plant, in fact, is able to promote the release of the adrenocorticotropic hormone, also called ACTH, which in turn favors the release of cortisol, capable of acting centrally, improving the body's response to stress.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that red ginseng is highly recommended especially in periods in which one feels very tired, fatigued, as well as in the change of seasons, when this kind of psychophysical reaction becomes common to everyone.

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2. Strengthens the immune system

Chinese medicine is well aware of the anti-inflammatory and anti-flu properties of red ginseng. Studies conducted in this country have shown how this plant is capable of stimulating the activity of particular white blood cells (macrophages and killer cells) that engulf pathogenic microorganisms.

At the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, on the other hand, it has been shown in the laboratory that ginseng is able to stimulate the production of interferon, a protein capable of protecting cells from viruses, and to synthesize antibodies, essential for the immune system. .

Red ginseng increases resistance to disease, helps us heal faster and improve our overall health. It is therefore an essential remedy to strengthen our defenses and useful for preventing and treating sore throats, flu, infections and viral diseases. Here are other foods with these anti-flu properties:

3. Red ginseng has anti-aging and antioxidant properties

Red ginseng is a powerful anti-aging thanks to its antioxidant properties. It is a real cure-all for our skin! With its stimulating and energizing power, it helps the skin to fight the signs of fatigue, giving the skin a healthy and radiant complexion.

It is no coincidence that it is an ingredient in L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Red Energizing Cream that gives the skin the protection and energy it needs to maintain its natural radiance over time.

Revitalift Red Energizing Cream visibly reduces the signs of fatigue, revives the complexion of all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest, without leaving residues, thanks to its light texture. Enriched with Pro-Retinol, a precious anti-aging active derived from vitamin A, this cream helps reduce expression lines, improving the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing your skin.

From the first application, the Energizing Red Cream, with its fresh fragrance of citrus notes, will give a sensation of pleasant freshness to make us feel more rested, young and radiant. All thanks to the red ginseng!

4. Helps memory and concentration

Red ginseng, as if that were not enough, has the property of improving memory and, in general, all our intellectual faculties. A study conducted by a group of researchers in Denmark clearly demonstrated this. As many as 112 healthy middle-aged adults underwent a series of tests to assess their memory skills, reaction times, learning skills, concentration and abstract reasoning skills.

Some of these subjects were then given 400 milligrams of ginseng per day for nine weeks, while the rest were given placebo substances. At the check-up, after the experiment, those who had taken ginseng had shown a decisive improvement in their mental faculties.

The consumption of red ginseng can help us every day at work or in the study, strengthening our concentration to the maximum and helping us to perform better and more!

5. It has a detoxifying power

Finally, red ginseng has detoxifying properties: it can in fact help reduce excess sugars and fats present in the blood thanks to its ability to act on the liver and detoxification systems. In short, an excellent help also to purify the body. Here are other detox foods that it would be good to introduce consistently in your diet!

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