Female Masturbation: With these tips it's even more fun

Female masturbation has long been considered a taboo subject and even though we are a little more open (and sincere!) Today, only a few women openly admit that they are satisfied even though 80% of women masturbate regularly.

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Of course, the taboo surrounding female masturbation is very damaging to women's private and married sex lives. Many studies show that women who masturbate regularly lead a much more active and fulfilling sex life. For example, did you know that half of women only reach orgasm when they masturbate? So do it if you feel like it! Masturbation is the best way to discover your body and learn about its erogenous zones. your sex life with your partner Once you know how to peak on your own, you can more easily explain to your partner how you want to be aroused and clearly tell him what you like and what turns you on.

Here are some tips on how to intensify the pleasure during masturbation, thanks to the help of sex toys designed especially for the female orgasm!

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Durex Eternal lubricant

Ideal for moments alone and as a couple. Lubrication is essential for stimulation. Whether it is penetration or clitoral stimulation, it is important that you are well lubricated. A small amount will be enough and being silicone based will extend the life of your natural lubrication. For vaginal and anal stimulation, feel free to experiment.

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Satisfyer Pro Penguin clitoral sucker

In soft silicone and with a nice and discreet design, the clitoral sucker will give a real change in your sex life alone or as a couple. Using air-sucking technology, it will gently stimulate your clitoris, giving you intense and even multiple orgasms!

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Utimi double stimulation vibrator

Double stimulation: double pleasure!
A vibrator designed to reach your G-spot while the top will simulate cunnilingus on your clitoris.
It will help you figure out what she prefers and what are the right places to touch to facilitate orgasm. Your partner is looking forward to receiving instructions.

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W-play finger vibrator

To take your time in the world of sex toys and give a twist to manual stimulation. Highly recommended to use with lubricant. Just wear it on your finger like a little glove and explore your body, wherever you can think of. Completely silicone and easy to clean!

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