Anal sex: how to do it to feel pleasure and not take risks?

How to have anal sex

To have anal sex it is necessary, first of all, to desire it. To have this type of sexual intercourse you need to be calm and relaxed, otherwise things get complicated and instead of feeling pleasure you risk experiencing pain and discomfort. As you can imagine, anal sex takes place via anal penetration which, by anatomy, does not take advantage of natural vaginal lubrication.

The anus is a sensitive area and, despite what is commonly believed, it can be a source of pleasure for women. There are women who also reach orgasm through anal penetration, since it involves the pubococcygeal muscles and a part of the body rich in nerve endings. Other women, on the other hand, accompany anal penetration with clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. But to achieve ecstasy, you need to start with good lubrication, perhaps with water-based or silicone-based lubricants. The Durex Massage 2 in 1 Soothing Aloe Vera available on Amazon at the special price of € 5.29 is excellent.

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To have anal sex, penetration must be done gently: you could start by asking your partner to caress the anus to relax. For example, the introduction of a finger, before actual penetration, can also contribute to the relaxation of the anal sphincter. The penetration movement will then be easier and more enjoyable. We also recommend that you use some sex toys for anal sex.

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Therefore, the preliminaries are very important: by igniting the desire, even with a good dose of kisses, we physically and mentally prepare ourselves to indulge in fantasies. Here, in this regard, some advice on other erotic practices to try to make the relationship even more "hot".

Is anal sex painful?

In addition to a whole host of socio-cultural reasons, which have made us believe for too long that anal sex is sinful and must be avoided, many women are held back because they wonder if anal sex is bad for you? The question does not find a single answer. Surely the female anus is less elastic than the vagina, just as it is not favored by vaginal lubrication. It can also happen that if you get anxious, the contraction of the pubococcygeal muscles will make anal penetration more complex and painful.

To better deal with this type of relationship, you must therefore relax and provide lubrication. If you really want to experiment with anal sex, don't stop at the first few seconds: the entrance of the glans can be the most annoying moment, since it is the largest part of the penis. Once you pass that moment, things will get better and better. you will indulge in pleasure, physical and mental. If you choose to have anal intercourse during a role play, to accompany the pleasant sensation of stimulation, there will also be the mental one of submission by your partner (yes, he will literally go crazy ) and the erotic fantasy will fly high.

Anal sex can be practiced in different positions, in order to vary both physical and mental pleasure. Doggystyle is one of the most used and appreciated positions for anal sex. This position also allows for stimulation of the clitoris by your partner or yours, which of course greatly increases the pleasure. To be more comfortable, you can also put on your stomach or for those who want to start gently, the spoon position (on the side) is better, which multiplies the sensations and reassures. If, on the other hand, you prefer to watch your partner during penetration, just sit on him and that's it. There are many positions that favor anal sex, see here

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Does anal sex only like men or do women too?

One in three men have regular anal sex. If you want to try it, your partner will surely be delighted and can give free rein to their fantasies. Also because from a physical point of view, anal intercourse for men is a moment of pure pleasure. The anal sphincter is narrower than the vagina, so the penis will be more compressed and the pleasure more intense. In fact, women like anal sex a lot too. Not only for the physical sensation, which activates a sensitive area very close to the G-spot and the nerve endings of the clitoris, but also because it makes us feel completely vulnerable, activating a very common sphere of eroticism: that of domination-submission relationships. In fact, there are many positions for having anal sex and not all of them involve domination on the part of the partner, but regardless of the position, if your partner knows how to behave, it will not be only him who will experience immense pleasure.
But if anal sex isn't your thing, don't feel obligated to do it just to fulfill your partner's fantasies! You would risk experiencing pain and feeling humiliated by this practice which requires instead of feeling complicit and very relaxed. In any case, you should know that you are not the only one: 50% of women say they do not love anal sex!

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Why is anal sex so taboo?

Anal sex has always been part of human sexuality.
Practiced both in Greece and in ancient Rome, anal sex (also called sodomy) was part of education, and was a way that allowed the teacher to pass on his knowledge to the student.
Anal sex takes on a negative connotation since the Middle Ages, for obvious religious reasons: not only does it involve the use of a part of the body intended to eliminate excrement, but it has no reproductive function. Furthermore, it is practiced by animals and homosexual couples.
For all these reasons, anal sex was considered for centuries a deviant and unnatural practice, even prohibited by law.
Even today, the idea of ​​dirty and immoral anal sex persists in the collective imagination. This idea prevents us, in many cases, from peacefully trying anal sex or experiencing it without guilt.

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Anal sex and cleaning

Cleaning the anal area (as well as the other private parts) is important, but don't overdo it: the anus must be washed once a day, preferably after defecating. Just use a mildly acidic soap, neither scented nor aggressive.
Before anal intercourse it is not necessary to take special precautions: it is still better to clear the intestine (but without doing an enema!) And wash the area well with soap and water. Even after anal intercourse, it is best to avoid internal irrigations.

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Anal sex: risks and precautions, attention!

The first thing to avoid is brutal and unlubricated penetrations as they could result in micro-wounds or bleeding that no one would want to have. It is essential, in fact, to block or warn your partner if you feel uncomfortable or if you are experiencing pain, to avoid damage.
Furthermore, also for anal sex, the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases exists, as well as for all sexual intercourse.
It is therefore very important to use a condom (buy on Amazon and receive tomorrow), even if with anal sex there are no problems with conception, since the rectal mucosa is particularly fragile and porous. Finally, you should avoid switching from anal to vaginal penetration: the germs contained in the rectum could cause vaginal infection, from candida to cystitis. If you want some advice, take a shower together, change the condom, and continue your night of fire. To make love in the shower, let yourself be inspired by these positions

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