7 unconventional signs that say that with him it will last forever (or almost)

At the beginning of a story, we always walk with lead feet, both because we are afraid of stepping on the other and because we don't want to scare him with our quirks or oddities, sides of our character that in all probability he will learn to love, or he will learn to live with along the way.

  1. · 1. You give yourself ridiculous nicknames
  2. · 2. You are aware that you are not perfect
  3. · 3. Getting sick is allowed
  4. · 4. Silence is not scary
  5. · 5. You enjoy family reunions, even the most boring ones
  6. · 6. Laughing is normal, even during lovemaking
  7. · 7. Shopping is done by two (and when you can't do it by two, you have no problem doing it yourself)

If you are in a relationship and looking for confirmation ... Learn to read the signs!

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1. You give yourself ridiculous nicknames

Maybe some nicknames are not repeatable in front of relatives and friends, but it is certainly a declaration of love and a stance: together you can be vulnerable and call yourselves "panda cub" or "patatinciuffolina" or "little helper." of Santa Claus "without fear that you take each other for crazy.
Indeed, to be honest ... He coined half of the nicknames.

2. You are aware that you are not perfect

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During the early days we tend to try not to make mistakes, some of us, the most reckless, always wake up before him so that the partner does not have to see them without make-up or with the sign of the pillow printed on one cheek: well, there will come a moment where this will never happen again.
You will have no problem wearing shorts that are a bit shorter, the ones you refused because you were convinced they would highlight your imperfections and he, for his part, will indulge in an extra slice of dessert ...

3. Getting sick is allowed

The first flu together is never forgotten, especially because during a flu we tend to betray our partner with the toilet and we walk around the house like zombies-distributing-microbes.
Fevers and colds are always big hassles but, if you have someone next to take care of you, they are definitely surmountable hassles.

4. Silence is not scary

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D "okay, maybe in the situation of the gif above it is normal to be silent, but do you ever happen to be together in the car and you don't need words?
Or on the sofa, with you stretching your legs on his, one of the two zaps while the other remains absorbed in reading. You can talk to everyone, however, silence is always something we reserve for a few.

5. You enjoy family reunions, even the most boring ones

Some family gatherings seem to have the sound of a nightmare, with your aunt filling your plate without asking you if you are still hungry (because she thinks you are still hungry) and your mother looking forward to showing the time. wedding album. And the photos of the baptism. And the shot of that time you dressed up as a mummy and "my mom how cute you were'.
If you accompany each other on occasions of this kind and you do it while keeping a smile, you will soon become the superhero of each other.

6. Laughing is normal, even during lovemaking

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In a newborn couple, sex is a very serious thing, both of you are tense and careful to ensure that the other is okay. Even after a few months it will happen, only that, once the tension has disappeared, you will find yourself laughing at incredible positions or for tickling. .
Nothing to worry about in fact, it's just you who are growing up together.

7. Shopping is done in two (and when you can't do it in two, he has no problem doing it alone)

'Love, do you do the shopping?'
At first you would never dream of buying you hair removal cream, or sanitary towels, or razor blades, or intimate cleanser but then, since you share everything, there will be no problem. Indeed, with a little training, once he gets into the sanitary napkin aisle, he won't even have to bombard you with photos because he has finally figured out which ones to buy.

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