4 simple steps to prepare the skin for sun exposure

Let's face it: we have a crazy desire to lie down on the sunbed, put on a bathing suit and swim for hours. While it is true that we use protection, we usually forget something essential: preparing our skin in advance. We have covered her during the long winter months and she is no longer used to direct exposure to the sun. That is why it is important to take some time to prepare it for this moment, progressively and without risk.

To avoid the harmful effects of exposure to intense sunlight, we have selected for you the best beauty products and some nutrition tips that will help you have that golden complexion we love so much.

Step 1: Exfoliate the skin

Before exposing ourselves to the sun it is important to clean the skin and eliminate all the impurities to which it is subjected daily. To do this, here are some great tips to say goodbye to impurities and dead cells for good.

Let's start by applying an exfoliant with biological action without granules, spreading it on the face with a simple circular motion. These products usually have a very pleasant, non-abrasive texture that deeply cleanses the pores and purifies the skin. A good product to make this cleansing product is Vichy's Pureté Thermale Cleansing Gel. Removes dirt particles accumulated on the skin without being aggressive to the skin, it does not contain exfoliating granules, making it suitable even for the most sensitive skin. You can find it on Amazon for € 15.10.

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The cleansing foam from the Himalayas also offers excellent results and is respectful of all skin types, it is formulated with natural ingredients such as neem or turmeric. You can find it on Amazon for € 7.99.

If, on the other hand, you are a "DIY lover, see how to prepare an all-natural coffee scrub:

If for you exfoliating is synonymous with scrub, this Sephora scrub will make you lose your mind!
A granular texture with a super delicious scent!
Each scrub contains a different exfoliating active depending on the fragrance.
We chose "Beach Vibes" with black sand that smells like sunscreen and instantly catapults you, with your senses, to the beach.
Buy it on Sephora for € 9.99

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Step 2: Moisturize deeply

Once the skin is free of all impurities thanks to the exfoliant, we can start hydrating it. We recommend a moisturizing lotion for both face and body. In addition to deeply moisturizing the skin, there are some products that contain an agent. exfoliant that gently removes superficial dead cells that may remain on the skin and to give even more radiance.We recommend the Organic Shop banana scented body cream. Moisturizes and firms the skin and leaves an incredible scent, it is a must for this You can find it on Amazon for € 11.74.

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With the pores already cleansed, the skin will be more receptive to the beneficial agents of a moisturizing mask. In particular, we recommend a pineapple-scented moisturizing mask from Sephora. In fabric, second skin effect, smoothing pore perfection for a smoother and more even skin. Buy it on Sephora for only € 3.90.

To give your skin the radiance and tone it needs, we recommend using a serum with rejuvenating properties. The sun accelerates skin aging, so a specific serum is needed that not only protects but repairs cellular DNA damaged by the action of free radicals, caused above all by the action of the sun.
Choose from the best anti-wrinkle serums on Amazon!

Step 3: The right nutrition

Did you know that with a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants, your skin will be better prepared for the sun.

  • Focus on foods rich in beta-carotene: carrots, tomatoes, apricots, melons, vegetables ... All these foods stimulate the synthesis of melanin and prepare the skin for a tan. So you will get the tan you want so much.
  • Purify your skin in a natural way: mix the juice of a lemon squeezed into a glass of mineral water every morning. This cocktail will allow you to avoid redness and purify your skin, plus you will fill up with vitamin C!
  • Vitamins are very good: they incorporate vitamins and antioxidants into the diet (they are really important). Vitamin A, for example, is found in fish fat (salmon, mackerel, etc.) while vegetable oils and grains are products rich in vitamin E.

Step 4: The right mood before arriving at the beach

Let's be honest: not all of us can enjoy the sea before the holidays. Here are some tricks to anticipate that wonderful feeling of well-being and vacation:

  • It is recommended that you use a moisturizer that contains agents that stimulate the production of melanin, so that you can show off a beautiful golden color without using self-tanners. This Valison lotion accelerates your tan and protects you from free radicals. You can find it on Amazon for € 19.15.

  • To give your hair a beach wave effect like Gisele Bündchen, use one spray fixative with a high concentration of sea salts. Its formula will bring volume and texture, which will allow you to get a look sexy , sculpted by the wind and the sun. It will give the hair a wavy look, as if you have just left the sea. We recommend this one from Sephora for € 5.90.

  • Don't forget that the goal is to prepare your body from head to toe, including the nails. When we already have tanned hands, there is nothing more beautiful than a coral-colored nail polish that stands out even more.

  • For a nice tan when you hit the beach, prep your skin with a tinted moisturizer. It has the same effects as a self-tanning cream and gives you a very natural tan.

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