Weekly horoscope from 4 to 10 March 2019: heart problems for the Lionesses ...

Aries: what a week!

Dear Aries, this is going to be a very lucky week for your sign! In fact, you can enjoy the moon in conjunction on Friday and Saturday, which will give you an unforgettable weekend. You will also have Venus in your favor and the sentimental issues that had created more of a problem in the last period can finally be resolved, and for the better! Dating on the horizon for singles: keep your eyes open at the weekend!

Taurus: unfortunate moon ...

Dear Taurus, your week does not start in the best way: on Monday, in fact, an unfavorable moon - together with the bad aspect of Venus - risks bringing arguments and quarrels with the partner. Fortunately, the rest of the week will go better and on Sunday you will be able to recover not only the dialogue, but also the passion! Good news coming to the workplace in the first part of the week.

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Gemini: luck in love!

Dear Gemelli, your week looks very positive from a sentimental point of view and a little less from a professional one. Unfortunate Mercury, unfortunately, does not help your projects, creating some blocks or slowdowns on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fortunately, there will be some recovery on Friday thanks to a lucky moon. Venus, on the other hand, promises you a weekend full of passion!

Cancer: a sigh of relief ...

Dear Cancer, if in love you are finally managing to breathe a sigh of relief after a period that has put your relationship to the test, on the professional front, get ready for a real comeback! Favorable Mercury helps you assert yourself: bet everything on the lucky days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when you will also have the moon in your favor. Some mishap, however, is expected between Friday and Saturday.

Leo: be patient ...

Dear Leo, in this period you should take out all your patience: Venus in opposition will put you to the test! The dialogue with the partner risks being reduced to a minimum and the possibility of a break up is not excluded ... Monday in particular will be a hard day, in which even the moon will be opposite to your sign! But don't be alarmed: couples who really love each other will be able to overcome even this critical moment.

Virgo: do not take risky steps!

Dear Virgo, this is not going to be an easy week for your sign, sadly! You will have to deal with the opposition of Mercury, which will be particularly ferocious on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when the moon will also be in opposition. Don't take too many steps: at work, someone might put a spoke in the wheel, but it's best to wait before taking action. Dedicate yourself to some anti-stress activities ... here is the right one for you:

Libra: opposite moon ...

Dear Libra, love has finally returned to smile at you and this week you can enjoy moments of great serenity with your partner. Monday in particular will be a lucky day, kissed by a favorable moon. Attention, however, to the days of Friday and Saturday, when the moon in opposition could create some more nervousness, at home or at work. Fortunately, Sunday will be sunny again!

Scorpio: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Scorpio, yours will be a lucky week from a professional point of view and a little less from a sentimental one ... Unfortunately Venus in an unfavorable position will create tensions between you and your partner and you will suffer especially on Monday and Sunday, when you also have the moon in opposition to make you very nervous ... At work, however, good news is arriving on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Sagittarius: some hiccups at work ...

Dear Sagittarius, things in the professional field are not going exactly as you imagined: small hitches will be possible especially in the first part of the week. Don't worry though! With Jupiter in conjunction, success is assured. You will just have to bear a little patience ... In terms of feelings, however, everything is going well! Favorable Venus gives you love and passion, especially on weekends!

Capricorn: good news on the way!

Dear Capricorn, this week Mercury will help you make progress in the professional field, making your goals ever closer. Expect some good news on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, when the moon will also act in your favor. Instead, pay attention to the days of Friday and Saturday, which risk being a little stressful ... In love, focus everything on Sunday, which will be all about feelings!

Aquarius: long live Venus!

Dear Aquarius, with Venus in conjunction it will be impossible to resist you! Luck in the sentimental field is guaranteed, and it will be above all the first part of the week that will make your heart beat faster ... On Monday you will also have the moon in your sign: it will be a super-lucky day from every point of view. Good news could also come at work. The only day that is a bit nervous will be Sunday ...

Pisces: week of successes!

Dear Pisces, this week will be full of successes! Mercury in the sign will give you a lot of luck in the professional field: you will finally be able to get the feedback and recognition you deserve. The days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are very lucky, when you can also count on a beautiful moon in conjunction. If you have some new project in mind, it's time to get started: you'll find open doors everywhere!

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