Weekly horoscope from 25 to 31 March 2019: Venus enters Pisces!

Aries: great satisfaction!

Dear Aries, this week the conjunction of Mercury will give you great satisfaction, especially on the working front: you will be able to take steps towards the realization of your projects. Lucky encounters or answers could come on Mondays and Tuesdays. A few hitches, however, in the central part of the week, but nothing that cannot be solved easily. A weekend full of feelings!

Taurus: great news!

Dear Taurus, great news is on the way for your sign! Finally this week, starting from Tuesday, Venus will stop putting a spoke in the wheel of your love life and will return to act in your favor! The quarrels and discussions of the last period will be only a distant memory. Furthermore, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you will be able to count on a beautiful favorable moon, which will make you feel good.

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Gemini: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Gemini, unfortunately this week, starting from Tuesday, the planet Venus will take an unfavorable position to your sign ... Quarrels with partners risk being on the agenda in the next period. Pay particular attention to Tuesday, when a moon in opposition will make you feel quite nervous. Find out right away if your partner belongs to a sign led to cheating:

Cancer: opposite moon ...

Dear Cancer, this week unfortunately you will have to deal with three moon days in opposition: those of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They will be nervous days and, especially on the working front, you may find some blockages or some opposition. Fortunately, Venus will return to smile at you: from Tuesday you can count on her support to strengthen your relationship and spend moments of joy and serenity with the person you love.

Leone: the serene is back!

Dear Leone, this week you will finally be able to say goodbye to the opposition of Venus! The last period was not at all easy for your sign from a sentimental point of view, but now - starting from Tuesday - you will experience a slow, but decisive improvement and you will be able to find serenity in your life as a couple. Attention only to the days of Saturday and Sunday, rather nervous because of the moon in opposition.

Virgo: Venus opposite ...

Dear Virgo, unfortunately this week there is bad news for your sign: starting from Tuesday, the planet Venus will enter into opposition! In the coming weeks, your love affair may be in trouble, but you'll come out great if you take this moment to reflect on what you really want. Lucky days of the week: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Libra: no gambling!

Dear Libra, pay close attention to the people you surround yourself with: if on the surface they might seem on your side, the risk this week is that they may turn their backs on you instead. Better to focus on certain and sincere affections: Venus has already put people you know you can trust by your side. Attention at work not to take risky steps, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Scorpio: lucky week!

Dear Scorpio, finally this week you can breathe a good sigh of relief! Starting on Tuesday, Venus will stop being unfavorable to you and will start acting in your favor! Your love life, which has been quite eventful in the last period, will find peace and serenity. Bet everything on the lucky moon days, those of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when you will have that little bit of extra luck you need.

Sagittarius: moments of crisis ...

Dear Sagittarius, your week begins with two really super days, those of Monday and Tuesday, in which you can count on a lucky moon in your sign. Unfortunately, starting from Tuesday, the planet Venus will turn its back on you: in the following days you may experience moments of crisis in your relationship. Be careful to always seek communication with your partner, because misunderstanding will become much easier.

Capricorn: luck in love!

Dear Capricorn, excellent news is coming for you: if on the work front, unfortunately, the disfavor of Mercury continues to create some slowdowns, on the sentimental side, days of great joy and passion await you! In fact, starting from Tuesday, you can count on the favor of Venus, ready to support your relationship and strengthen it. Furthermore, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, a splendid moon in conjunction will give you much more luck!

Aquarius: beautiful emotions!

Dear Aquarius, starting from Tuesday, the planet Venus will abandon your sign to move to Pisces: do not worry, luck in love will continue to be guaranteed, also because in the last period you have managed to make your story more solid and important. For singles there are meetings to make the heart beat faster on Saturday and Sunday, when a moon in conjunction will give you beautiful emotions.

Pisces: welcome, Venus!

Dear Pisces, are you ready to receive great news? This week, and in particular from Tuesday, the planet Venus will return to your sign! Great news is on the way in terms of feelings: you will be able to feel more loved than ever and to love in turn with passion and intensity. Super favorite days from the moon will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. A bit of nervousness between Monday and Tuesday.

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