July 2018 Horoscope: hot month for Virgo!

Aries: an extra gear!

Dear Aries, the month of July gives you a great charge! The union of Mercury and Mars, both favorable, will guarantee you grit and energy. You will experience weeks full of twists, adventures and opportunities not to be missed. At work there will be no shortage of news: those of you who have been pursuing a goal for some time will finally be able to achieve it, or at least take a significant step towards achieving it. Trust your instincts and you won't go wrong! Love is favored in the first ten days of the month, when Venus will give you important emotions: if you have something to clarify with your partner, don't wait! Here are three adjectives to describe you:

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Taurus: hold on!

Dear Taurus, the first ten days of the month will not be easy as far as feelings are concerned ... Venus unfavorable fills you with doubts: will she really be the right person for you? Don't worry, the answers won't be long in coming! As early as day 9, everything will seem clearer to you, and if your relationship is meant to last, things will work out easily. In the workplace, unfortunately, July will be a rather tiring month. Unfavorable Mercury puts a spanner in the works, and it won't be easy to communicate with bosses and colleagues. Mars also makes you feel fatigued and tired ... hang in there, the holidays are now just around the corner!

Gemini: now or never!

Dear Gemelli, you should make the most of the first ten days of the month to clarify everything that needs to be clarified with your partner, or to face those talks that you have been trying to avoid for a long time ... starting from that date, then, it will be a lot harder to understand you! From day 9, Venus will take an unfavorable position and what previously seemed to be minor tensions could become matters of state! At work, the month promises to be full of great opportunities, news and awards. Favorable Mars makes you ready for anything, always able to resolve any situation with your fortitude and unstoppable energy.

Cancer: clear skies!

Dear Cancer, the month of June was important in terms of feelings. Venus in conjunction has given you awareness that you did not have before and you are finally able to feel confident in what you want and in the direction your relationship will have to take.July reinforces these beliefs: ties will become more and more important, while singles will learn to listen to each other and make up for quality time only for themselves. Even at work there are no big twists ahead: it will be rather quiet weeks, in which you will see your skills reconfirmed and the esteem that bosses and colleagues have towards you.

Leone: lots of news!

Dear Leo, the month of July for your sign will be a real cyclone! The news will be on the agenda, as will the meetings and occasions. And you, Leoncina, won't miss one! Mercury in conjunction promises you a decidedly eventful social life: you will be the queen of the party, always at the center of attention, and you will love feeling desired! At work you will be rewarded, but all this full of novelty could make you feel rather tired and fatigued ... Mars in opposition weakens you physically and you will need to give yourself a little relaxation from time to time. Super-lucky period in love: from 1 to 9!

Virgo: welcome, Venus!

Dear Virgin, the month of July will be, by your sign, the month of love! In fact, starting from day 9, the planet Venus will abandon the sign of Leo to enter in conjunction with yours. Then really hot weeks will follow, in which the passion that you often - rational as you are - put in the background, will explode like a bolt from the blue! Singles will make very interesting encounters, while those who are already in a couple could rediscover an understanding that they no longer believed possible and start making plans for the future, whether it be a simple vacation together or a cohabitation. In this whirlwind of emotions, work will take a back seat ...

Libra: great recovery!

Dear Libra, are you ready to relax and enjoy a July full of serenity? In the last period you have had to endure stressful situations, both at home and at work. Now the time has finally come to breathe again. Venus gives you emotions and heartbeat, concentrated especially in the first ten days of the month. Favorable Mercury, for its part, brings you opportunities, meetings and contacts that can be very useful, but it also gives you the joy and pleasure of being together with people who really understand you. It is a month of great recovery not only on a psychological level, but also on a physical one.

Scorpio: don't give up!

Dear Scorpio, July brings you good news on the sentimental front: until day 9, unfortunately, Venus will continue to be unfavorable to your sign, but starting from that date things will change and the planet of love will smile at you again! So try to be patient and not exacerbate disagreements and misunderstandings with your partner ... everything will work out for the best! Unfavorable Mars makes you rather tired and drained of energy. At work, things don't work out the way you want them to and you risk finding yourself in front of walls. Don't give up and continue on your way. Now you seem to have everyone against you, but you will soon discover unsuspected allies.

Sagittarius: strength at work, problems in love ...

Dear Sagittarius, July will be a month of great strength for your sign. Favorable Mars gives you all the energy you need to face any kind of challenge, and there will certainly be challenges! With Mercury on your side too, your life will be full of news and opportunities. You will know how to juggle the best, especially in the workplace, and you will be able to emerge with all your unstoppable vitality. The only discordant note of the month, however, will be the planet Venus which, starting from day 9, will no longer act in your favor ... Your sentimental situation could become complicated and being able to understand each other with your partner will be difficult. Don't lose patience too easily!

Capricorn: in great recovery!

Dear Capricorn, the month of June for your sign hasn't been easy at all. You found yourself fighting first with the opposition of Venus and then with that of Mercury ... Now, finally, you can give yourself a little respite, and also some good news! The planet of love, starting from day 9, returns to smile at you and gives you that serenity as a couple that you seemed to have lost. The understanding with your partner is back and you are ready to start over with more energy than before. For singles, however, the period will be favorable for dating. At work, finally a situation that has made you suffer in the last period will be able to work out in your favor.

Aquarius: a complicated month ...

Dear Aquarius, the month of July, unfortunately, will not be easy for your sign. The first ten days you will have to find yourself struggling with the opposition of Venus, which for some time has turned your love life upside down and does not give you respite ... The quarrels with your partner will be on the agenda and you will be led to put seriously questioning your story. Even at work there will be obstacles: Mercury in opposition makes relationships with bosses and colleagues difficult and you will feel rather isolated. Fortunately, there is Mars in the sign to help you and to give you all the strength and energy you need to overcome any obstacle that you will find in front of you!

Pisces: heart problems ...

Dear Pisces, unfortunately the month of July will not be easy for your sign from a sentimental point of view ... Starting from day 9, in fact, the planet Venus will enter into opposition to your sign. Those of you who are in a couple could experience a moment of crisis, more or less profound based on the strength of the relationship. It will take a lot of goodwill and listening to get through this moment. Avoid making assumptions and if you have something to clarify or ask your partner, do it without hesitation! Any misunderstanding with these stars could be magnified. Singles looking for love will have to wait patiently for the next few months ...

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