Cleaning? Doing them often could be as harmful as cigarettes

Are you obsessed with limescale in the shower? Do you clean mosquito nets every week and hate pillow and mattress mites? For serial cleaning enthusiasts, the news will be shocking, yet cleaning too much would hurt. In fact, a recent study wanted to investigate the long-term effects of inhaled chemical agents during cleaning, and the results were not the best. While soap can have a number of super interesting uses, check out:

Because cleaning too much hurts

This new study on the consequences of the inhalation of chemical agents contained in detergents was conducted in Norway. On a sample of 6,253 participants, between men and women, monitored over a span of 20 years, it would have emerged that the quantity of exhaled air by the participants in the project, subjected to specific tests over the years, it decreased especially in the female subjects who had the habit of cleaning regularly.

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What are the consequences on the respiratory system

Norwegian researchers have compared the decline in lung function due to chemicals in detergents to that due to smoking. The effects on the lungs would unfortunately be the same as those of habitual smokers: we are talking about 20 cigarettes a day for about 10-20 years. The consequences are greater exposure to the risk of breathing difficulties, the possibility of suffering from asthma and premature aging of the respiratory system.
A plausible solution could be to reduce the number of chemical detergents, trying to prefer home-made resources or in any case choose more natural "alternative" detergents. Below you can get some ideas, look:

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