Swedish Lagom: the secret of happiness arrives in Italy

What is happiness for the Swedes? Surely, a condition within everyone's reach.
How to reach it? Following some small, big, teaching ... that social networks are not hesitating to spread!
If you also want to follow the Lagom lifestyle, start by taking care of yourself and your shape:

  1. · QB: the principle behind the Lagom philosophy
  2. · Carpe diem: the invitation of Lagom thought to focus on the present
  3. Less is more: how to apply the Lagom recipe to everyday life
  4. · The dream of those who live according to the Lagom style

QB: the principle behind the Lagom philosophy

Quite enough: this is the "axiom on which the thought developed by the journalist and photographer Lola Akerström, author of the book that summarizes the principles of this philosophical current, is based. The author identifies it as"the Swedish recipe for living with less and being happy'.
To live happily it would therefore be important to maintain a balance and avoid excesses: "reciprocate with fairness, answer based on the question”The Swedes suggest.
We must not expect too much, nor too little, simply the right.

However, it is necessary to start from an even more fundamental premise: happiness cannot exist without respect for others. Without the "social awareness", which goes hand in hand with moderation, honesty and sustainability.

The principles of Lagom do not differ much from the foundations of Danish hygge (the trend of last year), focused, however, more on the pursuit of happiness as a moment than on happiness as a lifestyle.

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Carpe diem: the invitation of Lagom thought to focus on the present

Live in the present and abandon your ambitions. Stop chasing what you don't really need.
These are the guiding principles that Sweden points out to us in order to be able to walk our path serenely and derive sincere satisfaction from our daily activities.
Of all the situations we live in, we must keep only what is useful to us, which has a constructive value.

Constantly craving for something that we don't have, and that we probably don't even need, just creates a sense of lack and frustration that hinders our growth. The invitation is then to seize the moment, or to fully live the present, appreciating what you have and taking only the good (useful) from what will come.

Attention: this does not mean adapting to conformism or reducing one's expectations, but making an intelligent selection that goes to support, and not affect, our harmony.

Less is more: how to apply the Lagom recipe to everyday life

Self-care: to keep us healthy and in shape, the Lagom style invites us to sleep as long as necessary, do not neglect physical training and, above all, take time to be alone and allow ourselves pure relaxation. Loneliness (always without exaggerating) is necessary to clear the mind of superficial thoughts and false aspirations and to identify our real emotional needs. The right way to take care of yourself also lies in setting realistic goals, which give us the motivation and perseverance necessary to achieve them.

Sex: being part of our primary and most intimate needs, it must be lived with ease. Sex is a part of nature and a topic that you should talk about openly with your partner, that you listen to wants and needs, and that should be addressed like any other social issue.

In the kitchen: Lagom cuisine provides a simple but tasty recipe book, as are zero kilometer foods. Even in the kitchen it is important to think of others; for this reason Lagom's thinking favors ethical and eco-sustainable behavior.

Shopping: it must be useful and of quality. Better one good suit than five poor quality suits. It's important to treat yourself well and really enjoy what you're wearing and that, if it's of value, will keep us company for quite a while. You have to choose versatile garments, suitable for different combinations, or useful clothes. The same goes for all the other expenses, of which it is good to keep a register to evaluate the best way to manage them and to be able to set aside something. In this way we should keep the anxiety of the future at bay!

At work: we must learn to say no to tasks that we know are superfluous. This selective attitude can only have excellent repercussions on one's productivity and on the achievement of company objectives. In short, working well is better than working too much and breaks should never be skipped. For managers, the advice is to create a serene environment that encourages everyone to engage, discuss and be loyal.

The house: Lagom furniture must be welcoming but strictly minimal; just ask yourself about every object we have in the house and understand what is worth keeping and what is not. In short: Ikea docet. Furthermore, it is important that the house is well lit, that everything is kept in order and that in the place where we work there is only the essential.

The dream of those who live according to the Lagom style

If the whole world lived according to the Lagom philosophy, everyone would trust others, respect them and, if everyone made enough what they really need, the blind race to consumerism that today is claiming many victims would end.
On Instagram the Lagom hashtag is already depopulating, can it be a good sign for the hope of the Swedes?
Ps. it seems that even the pizza could be Lagom!

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